Yellow eyes

After the party I felt like I was on top of the world. I had fun with my mates, got a little drunk and even got crowned “King Mason”. It was pretty idiotic if you ask me . I lay on my bed and close my eyes smiling at the thought of my fun night. “Sarah!” I call out to my girlfriend but no one answers. She probably went to her mothers house. I sigh and start to drift off to sleep. It wasn’t before I felt something drop on my forehead, it felt like a drop of water. I didn’t think anything of it. I turned to the other side and closed my eyes. A few seconds later another drop of water fell from the ceiling. I groaned and turned over onto my back. The drops of water started to fall heavier and faster. Each drop pounding onto my face. I look up and that’s when I notice. It wasn’t water falling onto my face it was blood. And on the roof there was a new decoration. Pinned up against the wall was Sarah, bleeding from the stomach. I saw no sign restraints, how was she hanging from the roof? It hit me like a tonne of bricks but it was too late. The ceiling caught on fire spreading around her and burning her lifeless body right in front of my eyes.
“SARAH!!” I scream out even though it’s useless and run out of the house. Just as I thought, the second I ran out of the house it caught on fire. If I hadn’t known any better I would have thought someone was playing a cruel, sick joke on me, but this happened before, when I was a baby.
My mother, only 25, tucked me in one night. She said goodnight to my brother Max and then to me. She flicked off the main light and turned a night light on for Max who was still scared of the dark at seven. I looked up at the mobile above my head with all the planets on it. Without warning it started to turn by itself. Then the nightlight started to flicker. On and off. On and off. The tree next to my window start to sway in the wind. Which was weird for a windless night. Strange didn’t begin to describe what was going on. It was then a man walked into my room. He looked like a normal man but with one different feature. Yellow eyes.

He grabbed out a knife and slowly slit his forearm leaving a deep cut. My mother walked past the room but never noticed that the man in the room was not my father. He brought the cut to my lips and put a few drops of blood on my tongue, forcing me to drink it down. He motioned for me to be quiet as if something was about to happen. Then a scream came from downstairs as my mum ran into my room realising the guy in my room was not dad. He looked at her and all of a sudden she couldn’t scream anymore, it was as if he cut out her vocal chords. She slid up the wall and onto the ceiling right above my bed. My father ran into the room obviously hearing her screams. He looked around the room confused and found nothing but me. He sighed and leant over my bed. “I swear I heard Ally scream.” He grabbed my little hands and played with my fingers. Then a drop of blood fell from the ceiling. Then another. Then another. My dad looked up and gasped. “Max!!” He called out to my brother and handed my body to him. “Take your brother out as fast as you can go Max go!” Max ran at top speed to the front yard. He held me tight and a tear came from his eye. “It’s okay Mason it’s okay.” He rocked me softly while we wait for my dad. It’s a couple of minutes later my dad finally runs out. As if on cue the windows broke open and the house is engulfed in flames.

I snap out of the memory and look at my house. The thing that killed my mum was a yellow eyed demon. We worked this out because after my mum died my dad dedicated his life to the family business. “Saving people hunting things.” He would tell us. I stopped years ago. Max still does it, he is trying to fill in dads shoes, finish his business. Whereas I am going to Harvard, I have a big future ahead of me and I had a perfect girlfriend until a few minutes ago. So what I don’t understand is why now? Why me? I take out my phone and type in a number I never thought in years I would dial.
“Max, we have work to do.”

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