Written out, he looks rather odd,


Perhaps, he was the fourth pea in the pod?

Barely noticed, or appreciated,

We push him, shove him, and throw him to the ground,

I beg you, don’t judge at first sight,

I beg you, listen to his sound.


Written out, he’s nothing more

Than four odd letters.

But please don’t forget,

He’s nothing less either.


To his tired voice,

He has something to say.

To whom it may concern,

I apologise for any inconvenience I’ve caused,

But you must understand,

If you haven’t met me, I can’t prove I exist

Let “them” uncover my mask first,

The rich I mean, of course

Or they’ll starve from wealth.

Please understand,

They tire me out,

Jumbling and unscrambling my letters like a jigsaw puzzle

Till I’m huffing and puffing like the puppies they own,

Till I can’t stand on two legs anymore.

They soak my energy like a sponge,

And bleach my innocence with their greed.

I know that some win the lottery of life,

And others march through the worst hall of all,

…the hall of pain.

Maybe they’re lucky, and you are not.

Great, now I should take the blame?

But please understand,

It’s not my fault,

I try my hardest to travel to you all,

Zooming like a plane, or flying like a bird,

I’ll never be good enough.

Please scientists; invent a time machine,

So I can visit you all sooner.

Please mathematicians; subtract limits from my life,

So my magic and energy doesn’t expire when I reach the rest.

Please authors, rearrange the alphabet,

Let the poor come before the happy.

Please donate to help me travel the world.

I’m looking forward to meeting you,

Yours truly, Luck.

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