What is beauty?

Is it a green meadow bathing in the sinking sun?

Or is it the thin layer of cloud floating through peaks of blue light?

Maybe the air rich with the scent of heavenly flower

Or the deep shadow of a weeping willow.

Who is beauty?

Is beauty what we see or feel?

Is it a simple object or layered with depth?

Or just in the eye of the beholder?

I think beauty is experience and warm,

Beauty can be a mothers touch

Or the sweet sound of music,

It can be a symphony of colour and movement

Maybe the simple algorithm to eternal happiness.

Where is beauty?

Far away, deep into the woods, enchanted and exciting,

Surrounded by hidden natural surprises

Providing wonderful gifts of mystic landscapes

Splendid waterfalls, exotic domains, lofty mountain ranges

Picturesque lush green forests injected with innocence

Dazzling deserts and breathtaking seascapes,

The beauty of all creation captivates the very soul.

Beauty Is, 

Everywhere and within you,

It tickles your senses and wakes your mind

It gives you the chance to see it, smell it and feel it,

Beauty is not common but individual and infinite,

Beauty considers every aspect of life

And it’s value is dearest to all living things,

Everything has and is beauty

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