Blunt Scissors – Journal Task #3

A friend of mine once told me he wanted to be a pair of scissors

At him I laughed hysterically for over five minutes

He turned and asked me ‘What’s so funny?’

I replied saying ‘Don’t you want to make money?’

He gave me the strangest of strange looks

And handed over to me the oldest of old books

He said read it when you get the chance

I replied with thanks and left with a prance

I spread its pages as soon as I got home

There was an image of a girl and a throne

Confused I was with no doubt,

I followed my friend and tried not to shout

I explained to him the image I saw

His devilish smile could not be more sure

‘Evil and greed are the traits that you make up’

‘Forget out friendship, I refuse to wish you good luck’

I dropped to my knees

And cried a million pleas

‘Dear friend, answer me this,

What did the pages at you hiss?’

He gave me an icy cold look

My grip off he shook

‘Scissors I wanted to be, at you laughed

It is greed like yours I’ll pierce with my shaft’

‘Start over and open the book again

Maybe one day, we’ll learn to be friends’

I trusted his words and vanished the girl

Replaced by an ever so fascinating pearl

I leaped into his arms

And he took my face between his palms

‘I’m sorry I was so blinded by evil and greed

I’m overcome with the fact our friendship shall proceed!’

But my friend did not smile,

Nor speak for over a mile

It was only when I handed the book back

That he decided it was time he faced the fact that,

A pearl as beautiful as it was,

Was a treasure he wouldn’t share because,

A friend he loved like no other,

His pearl! His pearl! Don’t cower!

Not only greed but jealously I could see,

I loved him too much to commit such deeds

I spoke hard and fast

Telling him away myself I cast

A friend of mine fixed me,

And in return I damaged him for free

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