Journal Task #3- Seashells

It is in this darkness I’m feeling my empty void, my universe

It’s no ones to share but mine
My palpitating heart thrums to the hollowed out beat of the over worn winds
Passing through my body, and forming wisps of sensational ash and smoke around my eyes.
And I feel myself forgotten and senseless, like those old seashells crumbling on the shore or the long gone memory of sun kissed sand
Sand. Ocean. Sun. Masked and disguised. My waves cease their crashes on the earth, they halt their continuous movement when they realize their pursuit of passion has ended.
The phosphorous moon glints on the stony structures that have been now rooted beneath their moist, empty beds.
A halo of hope and haunting seems to coat the sapphire sky, and ghosts of the fury, passion, movement of its beings drift down. Even these old spirits have lost their souls, even their beaten bones have resigned to their emptiness.
This is what it is about, isn’t it?
Filling that void behind your eyes
Splattering the night sky with speckles of love and joy,
Pouring the hearts of others into your own empty organ and feeling
Whole or
Human once again.
When the sky is falling, the earth collapsing, and the wind no longer chooses to blow, we are left with the
Uncertainty of silence, and the fragile sense of our souls’ salvation.

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