(Journal 3) The Truth

Dear the truth

I’ve always wondered why you exist,

Are you evil,

Are you a beast ready to pound upon your next victim,

People say that you are honesty

Just told to hurt others,

Stabbing them right in the back,

Never feeling the guilt inside of you,

Because hurting others is normal for you,

But I don’t believe this

Dear the truth

I know that you do not injure people,

You are not a villain,

I know you do not leave scars in you’re every victim,

Because those scars are never healed,

Only there to been seen clearly by others,

And the others are there for you trying to deal with the hurt inside of them,

The hurt that has been caused by the foul being,

Dear the truth,

I believe that you do not ache others

You give them something nothing else can,

You help them through the tough journey

Like a map,

Something a lie can’t do

Dear the truth

I thank you for the honesty you’ve given me,

And for the drops of water you’ve given too,

They heal the lies I have been told of,

Making it feel better inside of me,

Because those tears were what picked me up again,

Dear the truth,

They say that the truth hurts and the lies heal,

But that is a lie,

The lie is what hurts you,

The lie is what causes the pain,

The truth is the real hero here,

Because the Truth never lies to you

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