Never grow up


When I was little, I use to think that the moon followed my car where ever I went.

I use to think that the clouds were like fairy floss and if you got high enough you could walk on them.

Or that on Christmas eve, the red lights on aeroplanes was actually Rudolph’s nose in my wild imagination.

But this little adorable girl… she grew up. And she learnt that the reason it looks like the moon is following you is because it’s so far away. And that clouds actually aren’t a solid there a gas. And don’t get me started on how stupid I was on Christmas Eve.

But this is where I’m heading at. Think of life as if it were a piñata. When it’s your turn you get blindfolded. You get given a stick and you’re told “Hit it as hard as you want. Come on you can break it”. Up until a certain age we are constantly trying to break open this piñata but it won’t crack. But then all at once all the lollies come out. But when we take off this blindfold we see that these lollies aren’t exactly what we were expecting. We wanted these nice and sweet ones not the ones that had bugs crawling on them and were half eaten before they were put in.

The world bombards us with all its secrets that they hid from us. Like the tooth fairy, a massive lie. Santa Claus? I mean come on how can a guy can get around to all those houses in one night. The Easter bunny? How did he get so many Cadbury chocolates for so many little kids?

But then there is more than just the lies we were told. We were made to believe that growing up is what we wanted the most. That we would have a perfect marriage, that going to work and earning money is fun, that staying up late and eating chocolate every day was one of the best things we could do as an adult. But what we didn’t know was that being an adult was actually a trap.

That’s life but then after that beautiful perfect faze comes one that will haunt you through adulthood. Here you want to grow up and you’ll do anything to seem older than you are.  Dressing up in minimal clothing, decorating our faces like a cake, wearing shoes that are way too high. But that’s the thing with our generation we are all trying to grow up to fast.

Why do you think Peter Pan never wanted to grow up? He did not want to feel all the pressure and seriousness of being an adult and loosing what made life fun.

Remember in preschool we were so excited to be a big girl or a big boy and go to big school. But when we got to big school we realised that there wasn’t even nap time!

Then in year 6 we couldn’t wait to leave primary school but when we went to high school everything seemed so much harder than and not as laid back as what we thought it was.

But that’s life. We wish for things we don’t have. But one thing I noticed is that sure we can grow old but that doesn’t mean we have to grow up. We could be forever young.

You know what I miss? I miss being a little kid. Being able to run around with friends and not get tired. Not giving a damn about what I look like. When there was no such thing as a rumour. When we didn’t spend hours on the internet. When I held my mums hand in the shops because I didn’t want to lose her. When we would watch all these amazing shows on Disney channel because that was our life. But we let it go.

I know for a fact that I’m going to try and live my childhood out. I don’t want to grow up. I wish I could pause time and just stay this young forever. Live like your going die tomorrow but dream as if you’ll live forever.

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