Journal #3 – Holding you back

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a place you know so well? Trying to move forward, but something is pulling you back. That you’re a chained dog with a leash that’s too short. Because the very people you thought were there to help you forward were the ones keeping you back.

Life is a battle. A battle between you and the people that are trying to make sure you don’t go very far. You need to fight for what you want and what you want is to reach the goal that you’ve dreamt about your whole life but it’s just out of arm’s length. Life’s a battle, and an opportunity. We are not immortal, so whatever our time in this world is, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to do anything we want and to become anything we want, but we can’t. Because we are a bird trapped in a small cage. Trapped by the group of people that we asked to help us achieve our goal.

Maybe they’re jealous? Unhappy? Scared? These people have their minds synced like pre-programmed robots that make sure we follow the same path that they’re on. It could be your boss, a parent not wanting you to fall far from the family tree or a friend. But beware, because these people wear masks of kindness, support and smiles to disguise their true intentions. Pretending to help us forward, yet only bringing us backwards. They’re a ball and chain strapped to your ankle to slow you down. We are like fish swimming through life until we get caught in a fishing net.

The group of people holding you back are obstacles in life that you need to find your way around. It’s like running in a race and you need to jump the hurdles that block your path to the finish line. We need to find a way to push through these barriers if it is the only way to reach our goal. Because every time we try to walk forward there will always be someone stepping on our shoelaces.

We have a rope tied around our waist, and on the other end are the people wanting to keep us in that place. So, grab a pair of scissors and cut the rope, because the best way to move forward is to let go of the people holding you back.

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