Journal Task 3- Precious Time

I am learning to be grateful

To cherish and savour

This very moment in time,

I am learning not to give in to the predator

Whose hands torture me day by day


Precious Time

Is endless, there’s no beginning, no end

It is constantly running from eternity to infinity

But your journey in time is short because the moments of today

Will very quickly turn into the history lesson of yesterday


Precious Time

Forces you to sleep when you’re tired

But keeps you awake when there’s a fire

It keeps us beneath its passing breath

Subtly slithering between dusk and dawn

It is a tick tock time bomb,

An immortal creature that will kill us when the moment is right

It will continue to defeat the soldiers lined in black and white

Living its invincible life and never giving up on a fight


Precious time

Lurks with us each and every day

You see, it is called a watch because all we can do is helplessly stare at it

It is a continuous carousel of infinite rounds

That is manipulated from its brightness to darkness by the end of the day

Time is the root of the Earth

It is the glue that binds us together


Precious Time

Is a lurking shadow

That goes by unnoticed

“I don’t have enough time”

You see, time is our enemy

It will do the exact opposite of our desires

It will torture us with the oscillating tick tock when we wish for it to fly

But it will swiftly hover when we want the seconds to last forever


Our lives whirl on this continuous carousel

of birth life and death

Wherever there is a blessing of the presence of a pink newborn

There will always be a greyish tint of death

As we transition through the shades of time, our life shortens with each turn of the clock


Precious Time

Won’t last forever

We must live through each moment in time like there is no tomorrow

We must stop worrying about “wasting” our time

Because every moment and every breath counts

The predator will be out to get us all

But whilst we are still living

Be grateful and live your life to its fullest

Because these moments will never return…

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time in life to read this poem



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