Oops, Hi (original) – Journal Topic #3

It was a normal day, a normal week, a normal year and of course it was normal to go to the bathroom. but it wasn’t as normal to meet the love of your life in their. ‘Oops and hi’ were their first words to each other. It was love at first sight. Oops and hi said their goodbyes not knowing they would be brought together by fate in just a few days time. They wanted to love but oops and hi were ‘different’ and they ‘shouldn’t be together’

“Where do you want to sit”

“Next to you”

“You can’t sit together” because it was wrong? and needed to be hidden?

“Now kiss me you fool”

“Well only one proper relationship”

“Chicken, wrapped in parma ham, stuffed with mozzarella with a side of home made mash potatoes” 

“Mutual we’ve discussed it”

“If you can hold a conversation with him”

“and all his little things”

Things got serious between oops and hi witch forced it to be hidden so their ‘career wouldn’t die’. But oops and hi wanted to love and they wanted to the world. So they told through ink. Not on paper, but on their skin.

‘Anchor and rope’, ‘ship and compass’, ‘seventeen black and the stag’, ‘quotation marks’, ‘I can’t change’, ‘things I can and things I can’t’, ‘coat hanger’, ‘it is what it is’, ‘that moth thing’ ‘sparrows’, ‘hands shaking’, ‘oops’, ‘hi’.

Don’t hold them back.

Let oops and hi love.

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