The Random Passerby

I sit down at my table, eager to receive my coffee. I feel relaxed. The day has felt so long and yet, I am only half way. It is only midday and there is still lots of work to do. I look over to the busy street. People swarm come , go and swarm about like ants in a hive.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a man rushing across the crowded street. ‘He looks like he’s in a rush’ I think to myself. ‘I wonder where he’s going?’ He rushes across the street with keys in one hand and his suitcase in another. I start to think about where he started and where is he going now. I watch as he runs towards his car and starts it up. He looks frustrated as if the car is not wanting to respond. He glances at his watch. His expression almost afraid as if the monster of his dreams is coming to get him. I suddenly look at my watch. I almost flip out of my chair. I sadly relieve myself from the chair and pick up my bag. ‘There goes my coffee,’ I think to myself. I leave the table and walk out of the coffee shop. I look over to the man once more before he drives off and realise that my life feels just as vivid and crazy as his.

One thought on “The Random Passerby

  1. A great look at two different people’s concerns and how these are often similar, even though they feel different. Great job.

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