Journal #3

The sun arose on a blissful morning,

with a buzz I awake.

I prepare for the day ahead,

knowing i’m not the same as everybody else.

I’m that kid in the crowd

that stands out,

never accepted,

always lost,

I feel like the world is constantly staring,

never taking their eyes off me.

I hear my name float through conversation

like the leaves on a windy day,

but no matter what I do,

nothing ever changes.

I’m not the same as everybody else,

I live a different life,

and feel more emotions

than anybody my age should.

I witness things that none could ever imagine,

all alone.

Forever alone

I don’t have anybody to talk to,

because nobody wants to listen.

My parents disowned me,

and my guardians abuse me

I’m not the same as everybody else.

I always have a target on my back,

wherever I go,

whoever I see

I get called things from fat and ugly

to loner and homeless

because I’m not the same as everybody else.

But after everything,

I wouldn’t change a thing

that has happened to me.

I’m now stronger than 1000 weightlifters

and smarter than Albert Einstein.

and I learnt how love is the key



I can now offer support,

to those who have suffered.

Using my experience,

I can give insights

that no one else can.

and yes I did think

of all those things,

that society reassure us are for “attention seeker”

But they didn’t experience,

what we felt,

or what we saw.

So they have no idea,

what it’s like

But I do, because I’m not the same as everybody else.

So for everybody out there,

that has felt the same things as me.

You’re background, childhood or society

does not create you.

You’re kindness,

You’re optimism,

They way you look at life,

and most of all

how you pick yourself up

when the world is crashing down

on you, in a million pieces

is what creates you.

In the end,

I won,

Because I’m not the same as everybody else,

and neither are you.

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