Patience of the patients- Journal Task #4

Ward 201- Victoria Prince

The elderly woman had long since forgotten what it felt like to have joints that moved freely, without pain. Her aches are her companions, constantly demanding attention. Her pale grey eyes which were once filled with contentment and stories are now so lifeless and empty, like that of concrete or stone. The wise wrinkles of wisdom sketched around her face have become so prominent, making it difficult to visualise her features as a young woman.

She lies curled on the stretcher, her scrawny fingers wrapped around the crisp, but thinning sheets. She stares blindly at the wooden framed door, in sight of any familiar face or visitor.

But still there was no sign of anyone, but me, the nurse, in the past month. The doctor, who is wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope around his neck, enters the room in preparation for Victoria’s surgery. As I draw myself away from the stretcher, her rough hands firmly grasp mine. Her troubled eyes search mine for assurance of the surgery. It astonishes me as to how quickly a person, who is merely a stranger, can rely on ones trust in times of desperation.

Ward 117- Serena Wilson

Tiny fingers curl around her mother’s pinky. Her legs kick in a tiny jagged motion, looking for the resistance she was used to in the womb. Her narrow eyes slowly begin to peer open, as she analyses her surroundings of the outside world. She begins to panic and lets out an ear splitting cry that saddens the emotion in the room.

The mother, Serena, who embraces her child in a warm cotton blanket, continues to smile and lets out tears of joy for her child. Her husband and two children positioned next to her stand closely in order to catch a glimpse of the newborn. The baby is then taken by the nurse and put into the nursery. The mother then gave me the same look Victoria did in assurance of her child. Again, I was quite astonished but replied with the same smile and nod.

My work is quite difficult. Some days, I must watch the patients die a tragic death and on others I am awarded with the blessing sight of a pink newborn. These patients are merely strangers, although sometimes it feels like the trust between us grows each day, and these people are no longer strangers.



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