Journal Task #4: Field of Flowers

The glowing green grass sways harmoniously to the rhythm of the relaxing wind, with a cool blue sky above our heads. It’s up! The suns strong rays piercing our green, thin, rubbery skin. Part by part the sun is slowly starting to make us glow and shine, releasing our inner happiness and strength after a long night of depressing rain and daunting lightning strikes. Leaving behind terrifying and loud sound effects, causing us to be hunched over, traumatized and wet. Our drenched and rubbery bodies were rubbing against each other as we all hunched over, sloppy and depressed.

Except, now our fragile bodies are up and tall. The aroma of fresh and crispy air crowded around us is fairly familiar. I glare all around me. The field is perfectly cut and covered in rows that have got not one piece of stem, leaf or grass sticking out. It looks like an artwork painted perfectly, even though it’s actually real.

Petal by petal

I see Lilies, Daisies, Sunflowers, Barberton flowers, Carnations, Daffodils, Tulips and roses. Everyone has their own distinct and vivid colours. The field is covered in a splash of bright yellow, a hint of light pink, a dash of lavender purple, a drip of cool blue and also some blood-orange. Me…..? I’m a Daisy.

Petal by petal

I feel a thorn piecing me by my side. Amongst the field of the unknown, this one character I feel drawn to. I wonder and I ponder. My curiosity is overwhelming me. I need to know the mystery behind his thorns. A dark shadow stands over him like a bully; he slopes down, hunched over. He seems gloomy and unhappy.

Mabey the sun’s rays just haven’t reached him. What if he just needs that hint of glow from the sun to get back his vibrant colour and brightness? I’m so curious about this certain flower. I wonder about all the battles he fought hard in, all the pain he went through. Although, the picture coming together in my head still remains blur and unknown. Days go by, and still he remains the same. Bees, dragon flies and all kinds of insects flutter past us doing their daily jobs. I dig dipper and dipper into the soil of the Earth, and reach the inner soul of this sad and lonely rose. Petal by petal he sheds his worries and he sprightly rises above, showing his true colours. Forgetting about all his stresses and worries, the sun now is glowing his green rubbery skin. Revealing that he is a beautiful red rose.

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