Journal Task 4: Through the Coffee Shop Window

So many people with so many different lives. Not one is the alike (well maybe they are alike because they have the same interests and may have the same traits as the next person, and they might even look exactly the same like they were meant to be twins but there not because fate has made them separate but completely identical. But any way you get what I am coming from right. Like everyone is an individual and but they might look the same. Anyway back to the story).

So every morning, I turn on the TV and see how much the world has been stuffed up overnight (the only reason why I do this is because I like to count the days that I might have left on this complex ball of rocks. But I’m going to save all that for another time. And back to the story). When the presenters of the breakfast show then go off topic and talk about mindless junk, I then wonder what their lives are like. Sure they may not be so rich to own private yachts and fancy cars, but they have to at least own nice houses in nice areas. And then they talk about there kids, and by judgement I straight away think ‘oh they go to a rich school were everyone gets a brand new hi-tech computer’. But they don’t. They talk about them going to an ordinary school with the same level of education as the rest of us.

Then I get bored of watching TV and hearing about the latest gossip that no one really wants know about (again going to save that for a later date). So I go out to the local coffee shop, buy nice hot cappuccino with a slice of toast (what I’m too lazy to make my toast so what). I then grab a freshly printed newspaper from the rack and try and grab one of the few tables that are next to the window. Then from here I sit and watch the people pass by on the way to work (yes I grabbed a newspaper and now I am not going to read it because watching random people walk by is more entertaining. If you thought that I was going to write about something that is already written down on piece of paper, then you thought wrong. Now, back to the story, again). Now I out of all the thousands of people that walk past in the half an hour that I am there, I pick one. Just one. And I imagine what their life is like.

Here is a life I imagined someone having not that long ago.

He was business man. All suited up for some sort of big meeting. Kind of like the meeting were your whole life is on the line. And due to this he was obviously stressed out. You could see the sweat rolling down off his face (this wasn’t hard to notice seeing that it was about -7 outside. But it was also quite odd because he wasn’t wearing a jacket or anything). His suit jacket was in his hand and in the other was an IPad with colourful pok-a-dots and I’m guessing that it is his wife’s IPad. He didn’t doesn’t look like the person that works a job where he is regularly have meetings. And he has obviously been splashing the cash because everything that is on his person is either finely stitched or finely made. I’m guessing he is a stock broker and he has gotten lucky with his investment. But what could this meeting be for? Just by the way he is pacing means that is something life changing. My guess is either that he is going to a meeting to either convince someone to buy a share in his company, or, he is going to court over a marriage issue. Maybe divorce related.

I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about to you readers, you probably think I’m some crazed fool with no life. But I end on this note (not really a note but more like a challenge but anyway you’ll understand) I challenge you to do what I just did. Go out do whatever you want, but, take out an hour of your day and imagine what other people’s lives are like. You will be surprised on the things you see, and also how much fun it can be.

(Again, probably thinking I’m a crazed fool but just try it for crying out loud. Nobody does that these day just try anything you can think of. Again, I’ll save that one for a rainy day).

One thought on “Journal Task 4: Through the Coffee Shop Window

  1. You have a very interesting voice. Keep developing it, and make sure you edit your work carefully before publishing.

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