Skybreaker – journal task 5

I know a guy that hates school, completely hates it. Why, well he is always bullied and has no friends. He is the one that sits and the front and get spitballs spat at him, he is the one that sits alone in the playground, the “outcast”. He hates his life outside of home because no one accepts him. He is quite odd in a way, but maybe because you don’t know him that well. Everyone sees him as the boring, quiet one. But outside of school is a different story.

There’s a game called Skybreaker and everyone at the school plays it. Its one of those high score games so everyone wants to get the high score. Although he may be very shy at school, but at home he is a master at the game. He has the high score that no one can beat. He once beat his own high score making it even harder for others to beat. Playing these games is a way for him to forget about his life at school, its like a stress reliever. While he was playing he saw that on the chat room everyone wanted to know who was the person with the username of ‘wreckyouall000’. He didn’t tell them it was him. But I wonder why, maybe its because if he told them, they would hate him even more. That they would be sore losers and hate him just for winning so badly.

The next day, while the teacher was gone, everyone wanted to know each other’s usernames to see what their level was. Everyone shared, he heard the others talk about the game. He said, quite loudly, that they were all noobs at the game. That was the first time everyone heard him speak, and they thought it was quite rude. They all asked him if he played, he replied with a yes very quietly. Of course they then asked him what was his username. He told them it was ‘wreckyouall000’. They were all silent, some didn’t believe him, one guy said, “how could a guy so boring be so good at a game”. Well he took out his phone and showed everyone his profile to prove that he was the guy that currently has the high score in Skybreaker. They all were shocked, and also mute. One of his classmates asked him, “do you cheat”. He replied with,”no, I use strategy,”. Everyone was interested so they all came to him to hear more. But suddenly the teacher walked in, and they all went back to their seats.

At lunch time everyone crowded around him to talk to him about the game. Suddenly everyone wanted to hang with him now, and he was very pleased. At first no one knew the type of person he was, everyone just thought he was unexciting. But once they got to know him they now see that he isn’t who they thought he were and that he is a rather great person.

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