Tonight’s Job.

Journal Entry #5

It started like any other day. Cold, wet, and miserable. The rain pelted the windows of the young girl’s room as she gazed at the ceiling above her. The room wasn’t home, would never be home. It was dark, with red wall and a white roof, covered in endless nothingness. The lights were dim, as the sun tried to reach her pale skin through the curtain-covered windows. It pushed and stretched, but in the end, failed to reach its mark of the arm that was protruding out of the covers of her double size bed. The blanket which was cocooned around her body was a deep black, matching the colour of her fine, plush pillows, which had now dried from last night’s tears.

A knock brought her back to reality. She rolled onto her side and sighed. It’s going to be a long day, she thought as she opened the curtains, letting the dashes of light melt her fears away, and with a fleeting look, left the room in last night’s clothes. She had her head down and shoulders hunched as she crept down the stairs avoiding the gaze of the men watching her walking to her ‘special’ room. She pushed open the heavy door to reveal glittering lights pulsing throughout the room. The table in the corner was covered with cosmetics, and on the door handle hung tonight’s outfit. It consisted of a thin piece of material that covered her upper body, and that was it. She would have to walk out of the room in that, thing. It barely counted as a substantial amount of fabric, let alone a piece of clothing. But this is life, and life here wasn’t meant to be comfortable.

She walked over to the table and started. The hundreds of dollars spent on these pieces of junk, turning her into something she’s not. Her face became clogged as the foundation piled on, her eyelids barely kept open from the amount of mascara that had dried up holding her eyes closed. Her lips were painted a bright, vibrant red, creating the image of maturity, of sensuality, that she couldn’t commit to. Her job tonight was to help the customer, and if the customer isn’t completely satisfied, then she would be out on the streets. Even this place was better than the streets.

Three knocks sounded when the man walked in. He had to duck to walk through the front door, his strength evident through his prowl towards her. He was clean-shaven, wearing his notorious suit that she would have to iron in the morning for him. His hair sparkled in the lights as he gave her the piece of paper that held all the information she needed for tonight’s assignment. “He’s a young one, you’ve got it easy tonight.” He said in his deep, gruff door as he walked back through the door frame, holding it open for her. He glanced over her revealed body, giving his nod of approval which was followed by his custom wink. “Are you ready to go Lieutenant?” He asked as she picked up her gun and badge, put them in her over-sized purse, and walked pass him, patting his chest as he closed the door behind her. “I was born ready”.

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