Much ado about nothing – modern adaptation

Much ado about nothing: modern adaptation:

As part of journal we had to transform the play much ado about nothing and put it in a modern situation. I chose the good old cliché high school romance. Beatrice in this adaption is an internet obsessed teenager who is crazy about this boy she started talking to, but never actually met. She is sarcastic and always ready to bite back at any comment thrown her way. As for Benedick, he is the cool laid back jock of the school. The guy that all ladies fall for except for Beatrice. Beatrice’s cousin Hero finds herself falling for Benedick’s best friend Claudio which forcibly makes Beatrice and Benedick hang out together. Claudio declares he is in love despite the fact that he is only 16 and asks Hero to prom. The night before prom, Claudio decides to go to Hero’s house where he will throw a rock at her window and declare his love with a promise ring but when he goes there, he finds who he believes is Hero and another guy off the football team in her room doing the do. He gets mad and decides the next day he will embarrass her the way she embarrassed him. When prom arrives, Claudio and Hero are announced home coming king and queen. In front of the crowd he makes an announcement on how disloyal Hero is. Hero breaks down and runs into the bathroom where Beatrice will comfort her. Benedick doesn’t believe that Hero would have cheated but doesn’t think that Claudio would have lied about such an incident. He starts to think that Claudio has been tricked. Beatrice and Benedick have a chat about the recent events and realise that he has been tricked and who Claudio really saw was Hero’s older sister. All has been cleared up and although they are a little shaken, Hero and Claudio get back together. As for Beatrice and Benedick, they grew closer and closer through the events and at one stage realise that the “Ben” Beatrice talks to is actually Benedick. They get together and live happily ever after, well until college.

Here is how the first scene would go down in this adaption:

*this is from Beatrice’s POV*

It’s amazing how a summer holiday can change your life forever. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of laziness, pizza and Netflix- but something different happened. You see, I met this guy. We talked for as long as we could, until our eyes could not physically stay open. We wrote each other cute messages every morning, letting the other know that they aren’t on their own. But there was one slight insy winsy tiny little problem. All of this? It happened over the internet. I’ve never met this guy- heck I don’t even know if he really exists, but I’m obsessed with the thought of him. That one day, we would be together living a life like no other.
“Beatrice!!!” I sighed and got out of bed putting my glasses on and slowly walking into the kitchen.
“I’m heading to work honey, I’ll see you this afternoon” my mother kissed my forehead and walked out of the house, locking the door behind her. I took my MacBook off its charger and sat it down on the counter getting a jar of Nutella and a spoon out just as my phone beeped.
Ben- “hello there princess, have a good first day at school. I’ll be there with you the whole time. take care and talk soon x”
My heart leaped with joy. How could something so simple make my mind go crazy like this? I scrolled through Tumblr reposting every couple related post I saw on the dashboard. Maybe this year at school would be different now I have someone there for me.
I changed into some skinny jeans and my “the 1975” muscle tee, wrapping a flannel shirt around my waist. I was always teased for my “sense of style” or as some girls at my school like to say “lack thereof” but now I don’t need to worry about them.
“TRIS HURRY UP ALREADY WE ARE GOING TO RUN LATE!!” my younger cousin Hero knocked at my door repeatedly, obviously frustrated. I opened the door for her and gave her a quick smile as I grabbed my bag. Although she is my younger cousin (only by a few months), she is my best friend. Someone I could trust anything with.
On the way to school I caught her up on the whole situation.
” So wait, let me get this straight, you’ve never seen this guy, you don’t know what he looks like, you’ve never met him, but you guys are a thing?”
“Well yeah, when you put it like that … but he is so cute Hero, I know its love”
We walked through the school gates and into the hallways. I found my locker and put my bag in there locking it behind me. I turned around and-
“WATCH OUT WHERE YOU’RE GOING YOU… YOU” I ran straight into Benedick. Benedick Mason Johnson. The hottest guy in this school. Don’t get me wrong, he may be hot but I would never ever ever admit it to anyone. Ever.
We have a past. When we were twelve we had a “thing”. You know, primary school kids and their obsession with being in love. We thought that we would get married and have three kids, nothing could stop us. Except reality. He moved schools and never came back until last year. He wanted to give “us” a chance again but never would that ever happen.
” Beatrice, uh… Hi… Um…” he stuttered rubbing his hand at the back of his neck.
” I’m surprised you’re still talking, nobody cares” I rolled my eyes and started to walk off.
” You know everyone else loves me except you. I could have any girl I wanted, I just don’t care about love.” he shrugged as I turned around ready to bite back.
” A dear happiness to us women. Don’t worry, I don’t secretly love you.  In fact I don’t even stalk your Instagram because I don’t care. I would rather listen to hours of country music then hear a man say he loves me. I’ve learnt that mistake before.”
He gasped and bit his lip. I looked around and noticed a few people listening in on us. Who could blame them? I was owning him. ” Hopefully you stay like that, no guy would want to date a girl like you.”
” But don’t you remember when you wanted me Benedick? ”
He looked down embarrassed. I knew I got him. He just held his hands up in surrender and walked off muttering “I’m done”.
I sighed and closed my locker. He always does this I know him too well.

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