[Journal Task #6] Broken Flight: Prologue

He took my hand in his ever so carefully, leading me somewhere exciting, and to me, unknown. I shouldn’t be with him. I knew this was wrong, I was defying God’s rules and that alone was comitting a sin.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, his hot breath sending pleasant chills down my spine. He cupped my cheek, brushing a thumb over the tears that were currently falling down my face. “I will protect you, Alice.”

Ah, those words were sweet – just what any naïve girl would fall for. I grasped onto him with shaky hands and spoke to him with a trembling voice. “But… this is God we’re facing against. Not only God, but Hades-“

He leaned in and kissed me, only briefly, but enough to calm me down a little. “Alice, you’ll be fine. I promise you. Trust me.”

I trusted him. I trusted this man with my life. No, let me reword that- I trusted this demon with my life. Our situation was oh so cliché; a forbidden love between an angel and a demon. We were committing sins so shamelessly, breaching rules that even Hell would punish us for. What we were doing was more dangerous than anything anyone could ever do.

“Alice,” he said, brushing loose strands of my hair away from my face. “You know, I’m not notmally so nice like this. Take it as a privilege that I’m not playing around with you. I’m actually being genuine here.”

I know. I know you are. You’re a demon who acts like an angel to me, and I’m an angel who sins like a demon. We’re the perfect match; a collision of irony, but what we’re doing is wrong. So wrong but so right.

I wanted to let it all out. I wanted to tell him that. I wanted to tell him what I felt. But I couldn’t. Instead, I just nodded, pulling him into a warm embrace. He smiled a bit, stroking my long black locks of hair, before brushing his fingers delicately over the white feathers of the appendages that stretched from my back.

“What beautiful wings,” he murmured. “I envy them. You angels have the freedom to fly anywhere while demons are trapped at the core of the Earth.”

I looked back at them; at one of the things of what he found beautiful about me. My wings, which were outstretched, pure white and strong.

His lips were on mine again, murmuring to me between the kiss. “Don’t lose them, your wings,” he said. “They’re precious to you, and now, they’re precious to me as well.”

“We’re sorry. Please forgive us. We really are sorry.”

I fell to my knees, overwhelmed by the power of the two divine creatures that towered in front of where I knelt. The two Gods stood side by side, their cold eyes glaring down at me. The demon I loved was with me too, his head down in shame. He was kneeling in front of me, seemingly protecting me from God and Hades, although that would be stupid since they could wipe us both out at the same time. I reached out for his hand.

“Don’t you dare, Alice.” God’s voice boomed like thunder. My hand shrank back to my side.

Hades made the first move. The demon next to me was suddenly thrown to the side violently that I could have sworn I heard something within him break. He groaned loudly, tumbling along the ground until he stopped, his face twisted in agony, his left arm loose below him. His left arm was broken in just one simple action.

Then, God’s attention turned towards me, his eyes burning with fury and a feeling of betrayal. “You have sinned, Alice. Now I will pass on divine punishment.”

I felt a sharp pain behind me. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening. Not this. Not this.

“No!” the demon yelled in pure rage. “Not her wings! Not her!”

It’s too late. It’s too late. I collapsed onto the ground in tears of agony and hurt, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to protect these wings. For him. I wanted to protect them for him, because he thought they were precious and beautiful. I wanted to show him the world from above. No. No. I watched in horror as they began to vanish, each feather slowly eroding into nothingness.

Then it was his turn. Hades’ torture was brutal. A small flame flickered on the demon’s stomach, and slowly, the flame began to grow. The heat increased, and as it increased, it seared his skin. His attention was then off me and onto his stomach, his right hand trying to hopelessly swat away the fire.

“Give it up,” Hades laughed darkly. “Those flames belong to Hell. You can’t get rid of them, boy.”

In moments, God and Hades disappeared from the scene. The area was filled with only three sounds; bodies thrashing against the ground in desperate need to escape the pain, my cries and tears as my wings began to erode slowly, and his screams and shouts as Hades’ fire began to consume him both inside and out.

God, it hurt. It hurt so much. My back was killing me. It felt like two knives were being driven into my flesh. Not just knives, however; it felt like everything was being driven into me.

My fingers dragged against the dirt below me, in need to hold something, to clutch tightly onto something to help me endure the pain. But there was nothing. The ground was bare with only small rocks that were piercing my skin already. I hated this. I hated being on the earth like this.

A weak hand slowly grabbed mine. I glanced up, and there he was. He had dragged himself over, despite the flames eating him up. His flesh was red, and he was bleeding heavily.

“Alice…” he said quietly, his voice raspy. “I’m sorry.”

I gripped his hand tightly. “Don’t blame yourself.” I managed, coughing. “You don’t need to be sorry.”

He didn’t take in my words. His eyes trailed from my eyes to my wings, which were disappearing, ostensibly burned away by invisible flames. His heart seemed to break as the white feathers turned into the colour of charcoal; the colour of Hell. A lone tear fell from his eye, then another, and another. He was shedding tears that revealed all his pain from inside.

I couldn’t do anything to stop them from flowing. I just held onto him like he held onto me, both of us receiving our punishments, both of us writhing on the ground in the middle of nowhere until we lost consciousness, plunging into a world of nothing but darkness, not together.


I awoke alone, my back throbbing in intense pain. The air was anything but fresh. It was rotten. It was polluted. It was worse than the musky smell of Hell.

I stood up and stumbled, using the walls next to me to aid me. I felt unbalanced. Something was missing.

Then, the memories flooded back. My wings. I was missing my wings. I whipped my head back, only to see nothing but another wall. No grand white wings. No ability to fly. I lost everything. Not just my wings, but I lost him.

I lost him.

I held back my tears. There was no point in crying anymore, even though I wanted to, as if my tears would bring everything back miraculously. I knew this was neither Heaven nor Hell. This place was Earth; the world between the two, a breed between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. I arched my back, then shuffled along the walls.

Vehicles were beeping their horns loudly. It was nighttime, but the place was still quite busy. People were bustling about, rushing to wherever they were heading to. Others sat on nearby benches, some swearing into their phones, some giggling as their partners on the other end whispered sweet little nothings to them. I instantly envied them. The city lights slightly resembled stars, but could never be as elegant as them. They could never replace that little twinkle that only a star could create.

I had nowhere to go. I was lost, homeless and wingless. I had no one. I had nothing.

He was gone. But I couldn’t bring him back now that I was completely powerless. As much as I needed him, though, I needed my wings more. These wings were what he loved about me, and they were gone. I needed to get them back, for him and for me.

My chest at the moment was like an empty void of endless space. My heart was empty. I needed to fly again. This was what I longed to do. I refused to be chained to Earth.

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