Journal 8: Much Ado About Nothing: Insurance Company Style

You hear things these days about people making up fan fiction movies scripts and novels to try and show that anyone can do it and that they can write amazing scripts and novels. Then around about a week later everyone hears about them for all the wrong reasons.

But I’m not doing that though because:

  1. I’m not a fan of Shakespeare therefore it cannot be fan be fan fiction.
  2. I am expecting only a couple views so the part where it goes viral around the community, I am not worried about.
  3. Because I am not a fan, bad reviews of this article will not hurt my feelings. (It is kind of like that saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’)

Another thing before I go on with this however. I am going to give a few spoiler alerts.

  1. It is practically the same thing just set in a different time and set in a different lifestyle.

Why you may ask it might be bad. It is because there is no way it can better than the original if the average Joe off the street doesn’t know. You ask a lot people off the street to name 3 of Shakespeare’s plays and you will only get the default ones like Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth.

Now moving on to the actual reason why you clicked on to the link to this post. I have changed all the names of the characters to make it easy for the average Joe to understand and I have also cut quite a lot of characters because they were just useless and a waste of time writing them in to the story. The characters are:

Brian (Benedick)

Bianca (Beatrice)

Chris (Claudio)

Leo (Leonato)

Paul (Don Pedro)

Joel (Don John)

Hannah (Hero)

So now all these characters have jobs and there not successful jobs. They all work for an insurance company. So Leo is the manager of the of the company with Brian and Bianca as the leading sales people, Paul as the assistant manager, Chris is the new guy in the team, Hannah is Leo daughter who doesn’t work there but just comes in regularly to see Leo, and finally, Joel is the head of the tech support faculty in the office.

So how the story goes is that Brian and Bianca hate each other because 6 months earlier, Leo held a little competition to see which sales person was the most effective. However, while this was going on, Brian and Bianca were going out, but with a little bit of a twist. See Brian was only going out with her to put her off her game so that he could win the prize which was a 6 month holiday to Europe (which he won).

Now, back in the present, Brian was coming back from vacation which ticked Bianca off. When Brian comes back though, he finds out that there is a new, Chris. Now Chris, like the original, has got his eye on Hannah. Chris plans to ask her out at a Halloween party at Leo’s house (no wedding because unlike the original, this is normally sane).

Now where does Joel the tech support guy you ask. He is about to be surprisingly sacked by Leo at the party. Unfortunately the secret gets out which then causes Joel to take drastic action and try and kill Leo (and you thought Hannah was the one to be killed). And well, Joel succeeds in his little plan and kills Leo.

Now you are probably thinking where is the manipulation, where is the romance between Brian and Bianca? Well I can gladly tell you that there is manipulation among the group. However, this isn’t like the original, and these characters are smart, and aren’t blinded by the false truth. The pair are able to see what their colleagues are trying to do, and as a result of it, they chose to leave the company and go and find a future elsewhere.

That is the end of that story. As you can notice I may have noticed, I lied about it being the same as the original. But who cares it isn’t like you haven’t written a story or told a story that had lies in it. Anyway hope you enjoyed that even though it is really hard to enjoy something like this unless you are a die-hard fan fiction fan. And if you would like to know if there are any more of these stories coming from me? I will happily answer your question now.

Not until hell freezes over.

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