[Journal Task #7] Sharpened Tongue

Enter Beatrice and Benedick.

Beatrice: Oh, look at this dizzy-eyed Benedick, blinded by the thought of ‘love’. Wasn’t it he who said that he truly loved none? So whatever has changed him?

Benedick: Beatrice, oh Beatrice, where art thou Beatrice?

Beatrice: Ugh, he’s like a hell-hated demon! For as much as he wants to love, love will never let him through her gate. I almost pity the poor child.

Benedick: Fair Beatrice, I have found thee.

Beatrice: So you have, Signor.

Benedick: I see you’ve not changed your views on me. Can you not see we are meant to be?

Beatrice: To be or not to be, that is thy question. For what do I owe this pleasure?

Benedick: Do you not reminisce our past days?

Beatrice: Our past days? Ha! With a haggard beast such as yourself, our ‘past days’ should remain in the past.

Benedick: Feisty, I see. But worry not, because I still find you quite… pretty, despite such a harsh, poisonous tongue.

Beatrice: Yea, I have a poisonous tongue. Steal a kiss and you’ll be intoxicated, surely.

Benedick: Any poison from you is only like a mere dose of an elixir, Fair Beatrice.

Beatrice: The way you think, Signor, is unmistakenably wayward.

Benedick: Warped I may think, qualling I may act, but your dismissal of my love is seemingly only embarrassment on your part, is it not?

Beatrice: Excuse me? A lady does not show her embarrassment so easily, Benedick.

Benedick: Yea, that is correct, Fair Beatrice, but let me point out that I am no ordinary man. I am Benedick, and I am not as ignorant as others.

Beatrice: Ah, is that so? You must be mangled then, a puny, so-called ‘man’ you claim to be. Now, I have… duties, to attend to. Leave me be and bother another lady with your insolence.

Benedick: Let me only bother you with my loving words, Beatrice.

Beatrice: Those venomed words of self-proclaimed ‘love’? I thank thee, but I do not want them. Be gone, good bye.

Exit Beatrice.

Benedick: She acts like a harpy, definitely. But she makes it incredibly obvious that she loves only me, that’s for sure.


Liz, Miki.

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