[Journal Task #8] Rising Star

Much Ado About Nothing

Gets a little off-track near the middle, to be honest.


  • Beatrice: Bethany – Hilary’s manager, who is strict but kind. Shut away her personal feelings after dumping Benjamin.
  • Benedick: Benjamin – an associate of Parker and Bethany’s arrogant ex. Strives to win her love back.
  • Hero: Hilary – a rising pop star, famous for her talent, blooming youth and beauty. Secretly liked Chase for a while.
  • Claudio: Chase – a childhood friend of Hilary, shy and naive. Secretly liked her for a long time.
  • Don John: Jonathan – one of Hilary’s early fans, and has a major crush on her. Brother of Parker.
  • Don Pedro: Parker – a friend of Leonardo’s, likes Bethany. Brother of Jonathan.
  • Leonato: Leonardo – father of Hilary, president of a rising music industry that Hilary is under.


The scene starts off with Hilary (Hero) performing on stage in front of a moderately large audience. On one side of the stage behind the curtains stands Bethany (Beatrice), her manager, nodding approvingly every time she hits the perfect note. On the other side is Leonardo (Leonato) and Parker (Don Pedro), who compliment Hilary’s singing. In the crowd are Chase (Claudio), who sits near the back, though watches Hilary intently. Just as intently watching is Jonathan (Don John), a fan of hers who is seated right at the front.

Midway through Hilary’s performance, the doors in the back of the hall slam open loudly, the music cutting off. Everyone turns to look back at where the noise had come from to see a silhouette cast against the sunlight from outside.

Mildly angry by the interruption, Bethany peers over to see what the commotion is about. She sees the figure at the back, who fails to discreetly close the door quietly, soon realizing that he was now the centre of attention and not the pop star. At first, Bethany couldn’t see his face because of the dimmed lights at the back, and resumes to storm down and scold him for interrupting, but when she gets closer, she realizes that it was Benjamin (Benedick), her past lover.

Instantly aggitated at seeing his stupid, puny little face, she drags him away and urges Hilary for the show to go on. When she continues her performance, Bethany and Benjamin – let’s call them Beth and Ben, shall we? – are backstage, where Bethany immediately brings back the past and seemingly interrogates him about his arrogance and ignorance on what goes on around him, stating that he never changes no matter how much time passes, which in this case had been roughly 5 years. He looks more mature, but still recognizable, mainly because – quoted by Beth – he still looks like an ugly lost child who eats far too much. In flaring anger, Ben retorts rudely, and they happily reunite with a string of insults thrown at each other like spears in prey.

Hooray, charming.

After the show, Jonathan (we’ll call him Jon) joins Parker and Leonardo (we’ll also call him Leon) backstage, where they aim to meet with Hilary again. However, Hilary goes to meet Beth first, where she sees and separates the arguing duo. Chase also joins them, complimenting Hilary’s performance, resulting with her shyly smiling and bashfully thanking him. Beth also compliments her, but Ben apologizes for interrupting her performance, in which he is returned a kind acceptance. Quickly, she nods and leaves to meet with her father on the other side of the stage. Chase watches her until she disappears.

When Hilary sees her father, she is first greeted by an excited Jon, who exclaims at how lovely she sang and looked on stage in a dramatic voice. She laughs nervously and thanks him quickly, before brushing past him and greeting Parker and Leon. Jon frowns at this, and follows her eventually.

//time skip

On Hilary’s 21st birthday, she had requested Leon for a masked ball, which he gleefully allows. A day before her party, she invites Chase, and asks him to arrive at her place before the other guests. Unable to resist such an offer, he agrees.

At the party, Chase and Hilary remain with each other throughout the night. Jon is at the party as well, and constantly attempts to break them apart, ending in failure each time.

That night was also the night where Parker confesses to Beth, but is gently rejected. Parker tells her that he’ll always hold her in high regards, and if she ever changes her mind, he’ll wait for her, and if she ends up with another man, he’ll support her wishes. Ben observes this and grumbles to himself. When he turns around, he sees Chase in the exact same outfit as him. Gah, horrible. In utter dismay, he stalks over to the buffet table, munching on food sadly to distract his poor self (aww).

//time skip again

The night before Hilary and Chase’s wedding. Jon, intent on not letting them be wed, thinks of a pretty stupid plan to separate them, for good.

  • Kidnaps Hilary and leaves her in his room, and uses a syringe to draw a little bit of blood from her (crazy fan alert – omg, dramatic).
  • Messes up Hilary’s room to make it look like there was an all out battle to the death between two kingdoms for the sake of swishing swords around in the air, woohoo! a struggle between her and her ‘attacker’.
  • Using her blood from before, he splatters it along the walls and along the windowsill of the open window, letting it drip outside.
  • Cleans off the blood and makes himself look ravaged and bruised.
  • Limps to Chase’s room, and when Chase open the door, he falls to the ground. Chase asks him what happened, and he said that Hilary had been kidnapped and that he tried to save her but failed to do so.
  • He leads Chase to Hilary’s room, where he sees her blood and the total mess, and the bloodied, open window. Pained, he runs out to search for her.

After that happened, Jon sits on her bed and sighs happily, enjoying the sight of an upset Chase. Naive as he was, he was an easy target. Keeping Hilary from escaping, however, would be difficult. Well, not really. Using unecessary force on his crush to keep her quiet was nothing out of the ordinary for a crazy, delusional fan like him, right?

On the bed, Jon smiles as he speaks aloud, the words: “I wonder how Hilary is doing in my room. Is she awake yet? No, I doubt it. I hope I didn’t draw too much blood from her. I also have to apologize about messing up her room, but I’ll make it up to her later.”

A passing maid overheard this, and also overheard Jon and Chase’s talk, and immediately runs to Leon’s room and tries to inform him of the news, but is dismissed, Leon stating he was busy preparing for the next day and needed rest. Whatever the maid wanted to tell him had to wait until after the wedding.

Meanwhile, Ben and Beth had a little sweet moment and aww.

//time skip

On the wedding day, Beth and Ben panics when she finds Chase exhausted in his room, broken down and crying with his face in his hands. Chase tells them about the missing Hilary and how Jon tried to stop her from being taken away. When the three of them check to see if Jon was alright from the night before, he wasn’t in his room, and neither was anyone else. He had left during the night.

This was where at the wedding, it was announced that Hilary had died, when a personal doctor stated that the amount of blood on the windowsill seemed to come from the head by the way it was splattered, and losing so much blood from the head could’ve been an instant fatality.

//time skip, agaaaiinn

Days after the wedding day. They grieved, they wept, but the maid had followed Jon out and spotted Hilary in his arms. He drove away, and together with Parker – who had interrogated the maid as for why she was outside so late – found Jon at his home with Hilary, who was drinking plenty of fluids to replenish her blood. She had been crying, and lightheaded as well, as for why Jon would do such a thing to her. Parker and the maid took Hilary back after ensuring her safety, the maid helping treat her and help her recover, while Parker angrily lectured Jon and brought him to a nearby police station, not planning to cut him any slack just because they were brothers.

//time skip, to their second wedding day

While the priest(?) was talking, Hilary and a distraught and relieved Chase stood side by side. They glanced at each other, and Chase apologizes for not being able to protect her from her craziest fan, and she laughs quietly and says she still loves him despite that, since it wasn’t his fault.


“You may now kiss the bride,” the priest nods to Chase.

Chase smiles, and holds his new bride close to him, pecking her cheek, before her lips.

And in the distance, a little girl exclaims brightly, “kiss, kiss, fall in love!

//end scene

Oh, and Beth and Ben end up together too, obviously. And Jon is in jail. And Parker still likes Beth and he might end up like Jon, doing drastic things.

Just kidding. But hey, points for drama. It kinda went off topic near the middle though. Kinda.

And they all- wait, wait.
most of them lived happily ever after.

*audience glances at Jon who is sobbing shamelessly behind bars*

~ Fin ~

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