Discuss how the film The Breakfast Club has constructed ideas about stereotypes in society

The princess, the geek, the athlete, the criminal, the basket case. 5 completely different stereotypes put together in Saturday detention. 5 stereotypes that wouldn’t dare socialise in any other school conditions.

The breakfast club has shown how these stereotypes don’t really get along. The scene that really shows this is when Brian asks what will happen on Monday and Claire says that they aren’t even friends after everything that’s happened. That these “losers” look up to people like her and being seen with them isn’t right. But I personally believe that these parts in the movie make you see that stereotypical separation. That the prom queen can’t be seen with a basket case or a nerd. It’s social suicide. It shows that although they had a laugh together and even a cry together nothing will happen on Monday that they will go back to pretending to ignore the other person when really these people know them better than their best friends do.

Stereotypes are a big thing in today’s society. Another movie like this is Mean Girls. These movies both show the stereotypes that are present within the school grounds. Although they are majorly dramatized and over the top, they are still there. In our English class a lot of the stereotypes are there. Though I guess most of us see a bit of everything in us. I feel like I could be everything but the athlete. Maybe one of the guys could be everything but the princess. Who knows? But movies like this generalise these characters so much that you sympathise for them and feel like you could relate to them.

We see these types of separations everywhere we go. These stereotypes in high school form us into who we will be when we are in our adulthood. In school, I see teachers forming into these stereotypes. We have a few Loner teachers that don’t really get along with other teachers and are very introverted (they have told us about their sad childhoods, where these characteristics formed), The athletes (mainly the PDHPE teachers because most of the other teachers complain about teaching sport), The princesses (we have many of these who think they are on top of the world, even male teachers), the brains (well most teachers since they need to be able to teach). The only one missing is the criminal, thank god.

The Breakfast Club has effectively shown the division in society between the stereotypes. They have shown how these personalities don’t really mix together well and has shown us what would really happen if we did. I personally believe if we stick to these stereotypes we would be missing out on some amazing friendships. As shown in these types of movies we are letting these stereotypes rule our life.

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