[Journal Task #6] Broken Flight: Prologue

Cheesy/weird/romantic/tragic supernatural story about the cliched angel x demon pairing.

[Journal Task #5] Broken Music Box

Eir (pronounced as ‘air’) was Chase’s muse, who helped him see the world in a different light. When Eir’s health begins to fail her after an accident, what will become of Chase?

Sonder – Journal task #4

Meaningless voices scream into the deafening silence that is the inner workings of my mind. Her luminous eyes pierce my own. For the briefest of brief moments, our eyes have met; two pairs of isolated eclipses falling upon one another. One surrounded in green, the other in brown. The shrieks of first life sound at…

What A Storm Can Lead To

The storm growled with anger, pelting cold drops of water to the ground. I stay trembling underneath the shelter, only a worn out grey coat to keep me from freezing to death. My body trembles, just like the ground beneath my shaky limbs. The only thing making the rain not hit my pale skin is…

Journal Entry #2 – The Haunter

They each sat at a point on the chalky pentagram drawn on the creaky wooden floorboards up in the attic. They thought that they were about to summon a ghost, but little did they know, I was already there. They positioned six white candles in front of them, with one flickering for attention in the…