Info for parents

The unit of work that we are currently studying is called Our World, Our Future, and is a core unit, studied by all of Year 7, focused on texts that relate to environmental issues. We will be looking at texts relating to a variety of environmental issues, such as deforestation, endangered animals, mining, pollution, etc.

As 7 Aqua is our top academic class, I am differentiating the curriculum to make the unit more complex and challenging for the students, and as such we will be looking at these issues from a range of perspectives – environmental, political, industrial and economic perspectives. We will be studying newspaper articles, poetry, drama texts, opinion pieces and prose based on environmental issues, and students will be responding to these texts, and writing their own texts in response.

I have set up this class blog for us to share our perspectives and readings in response to this unit of work, and future units of work. Students will be able to write posts, share relevant links, and comment on other students’ posts.

You, as parents, can view this site at any time and see the posts and interactions here. You may even like to engage with the conversation.

Some of the educational  benefits of using a class blog style of learning (which I plan to use on an ongoing basis) are that students will engage in collaborative discussion and dialogue, using technology effectively for educational purposes, and interacting constructively via technology with the texts and topics we are studying. Not only this, but in a time when kids are accessing social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like, blogging in this way is an excellent introduction to using social media productively and intelligently. Students will learn about creating a positive digital footprint. We can’t escape social media – better to engage students with it constructively than ignore it – it is the future.

I think this is going to be an exciting unit which will challenge the way students approach social issues, encouraging them to consider such issues from a variety of perspectives. Please contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns.

Lisa Edwards

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