Beware the Ides of March, what could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong is what I didn’t wonder but what I knew would happen when I read the Julius Caesar script/play by William Shakespeare. For our English studies we wondered into the times that many historians know as Ancient Rome and the life and afterlife of one of the greatest Roman Generals of all time. To be honest this book was actually quite enjoyable with some funny elements like in Act 3, Scene 1, Line 77 where it just says on the side Dies just like that even though we knew he died. The language used was rather hard to understand but that said this is William Shakespeare and this play was made in the last year of the 16th century.

Despite the play being called Julius Caesar the play isn’t about him really about him. The play is about Caesars best friend, Brutus. Brutus is the main character because he is that one tragic hero like Hamlet and Othello. Brutus is confused after being convinced that Caesar will make a dictatorship instead of democracy but Brutus is Caesar’s best friend and is convinced no rather is scared that Caesar will make a dictatorship like said in Act 1, Scene 2, Line 79 where Brutus says “What means this shouting? I do fear, people choose Caesar for their king!” Meanwhile Caesar during Acts 1,2 and 3 was warned of the Ides of March (Middle of March/ 15th March) where he would eventually be stabbed 23 times by the conspirators which includes Brutus after Cassius convinces him to join the conspirators.

The aftermath at Caesar’s funeral turned into Brutus and Cassius almost being killed and fleeing Rome by a speech of Mark Antony, one of Caesars successors that blamed Caesar’s death on the conspirators. This erupted into a war between Rome and the newly recruited army of Brutus and Cassius. Cassius eventually committing suicide after false reports of his, Titinius being captured. The same fate eventually falls on to Brutus who after a long war, commits suicide by running onto his own sword. Mark Antony then claims Brutus to be the most honourable and noble Roman to have existed which after reading the book must agree with.

Thus the story of our tragic hero,  Marcus Junius Brutus.


3 thoughts on “Beware the Ides of March, what could possibly go wrong?

  1. Good post. You have very reasonable ideas and thoughts, though i may disagree with some of them. You could go into more detail and make stronger arguments into why Brutus was the tragic hero. Also, i was very confused on what your post was about until the last line, you might need to add in the introduction what you will be writing about. Overall, good work.

  2. Nice post vlad
    You have posted very good content on the topic. Your information is very detailed and interesting. One thing that you could improve on though is your conclusion though. Overall great post 🙂

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