Life Without Language


Capture a location full of chaos and madness… I see Tokyo city or New York. Visualise a place where silence accompanied with the sound of natural function is beauty… I see nightfall comfort the Himalayas. Imagine soft silk floating through the air… I see pillows of cloud. Now picture a life without language… The very thought makes me cringe with anxiety, a reaction to an idea unnatural to a life that we know.

Human thought and language marry the philosophy of expression and symbolism. Yet, everyday we struggle to find a balance and that relationship. Our evolved intellect and human architecture are suffocated daily by mechanical devices, where symbolic communications are processed by metal and droids. We immerse ourselves in profoundly disabled discussions, rendering our way to imagine and create thoughts, isolating our path to communicate the idea of language.

Life has been short-circuited and re-programed producing wires that embroid streams of self doubt and restrained actions. Language has become distorted and unable to unravel a simply philosophy. Our daily reflection consumed by a shadow, buckled by a transparent outline. For those who have been unfortunate to inherit a loss of human senses are justified but for the majority, the ignorance and neglect fails them.

A philosophical gratification can only emerge from the gift of language. This can be simply standing at a bus stop and waiting for a bus, when an old World War II veteran entertains your time with old war stories. When you do the local paper run and stop for your weekly rendezvous with an ex-olympic great, enjoying the homemade cookies and milk, or walking through the school corridor, block A, teenage love sparks as guy and gal lock eyes and build a nervous but very excited courage to date. Maybe, you are walking home from school and come across the homeless and offer the language of comfort, compassion and support. A simple philosophy, would you agree?

Life without language is like a tree trunk with no bark, a branch with no leaves and a bird with no wings. Language sings to the human heart and soul baring expression and a symphony of music. It amplifies a vision and meaning to the way we think, process and act. Living in a world where language is buried and replaced with empty substitute can only lead our journey to a mechanical and lifeless outcome. Embrace language and the institution our world owns and highlight this masterpiece of creation and performance,which is a symbolic way of life and the power of being us!

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