Journal #4

I stroll casually through the sand, heading north towards the shoreline. I start heading out past the break travelling towards the horizon. The reflection of the sunrise reflects on the water, shimmering a mixed glow of pastel colors. I am consumed by the feeling of home, warmth and peace, just staring out at the ocean in front of me. I am interrupted by thoughts, when I see a wave form out the back. I paddle hard towards, turning around and standing up when I can feel it underneath me. I feel like a bird flying and spreading their wings for their first time. I look down and notice a fin diving in and out of the water next to me. I suddenly feel overwhelmed with fear, thinking the worst. But that I hear to squeak, and calm down, while I dive off the back off the wave.

I slowly swim over to the dolphin and start running my fingers along its skin. About halfway down, I feel my hand brush along something rough. His body is covered in battle scars, from the fights he has lost. And his skin is flaking above his tail, from the impact of rocks. This makes me wonder about the pain he’s been through, the obstacles his overcome and the reason he is here today.

I imagine in my head, what he may of been through. I picture the fights between a larger fish then himself, which he fought hard, but unfortunately lost. The eternal pain still showing through his skin. I see the days, that turned into weeks, on limited amounts of food. Where his body was slowly shriveling away. But more importantly, I imagine how he got here. Maybe he is migrating down south, or he followed his prey further into shore. But now, it’s only me and him in our world, forgetting about the past, rather admiring the present, longing for the moment to last forever.

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