Journal Task 7 – That Shakespearean Banter Though

Beatrice: Why hello Benedick, I see you are back from your victorious battle, but I must ask, did you win using skill, or did they surrender because they couldn’t bear to look at your clay-brained face.

Benedick: Clay-brained I may be, but if I didn’t come back victorious, you wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of this town.

Beatrice: Yes but if you were to fall in the heat of the battle, a mighty man like Don Pedro would succeed in you in your place, and no one would care to think about your swag-bellied carcass.

Benedick: It’s nice to see that in your poisonous eyes that I am a soldier full of swag.

Beatrice: Oh Benedick, how low do you need to go to say that you have swag. Because you are nothing but a half-faced, common-kisser.

Benedick: Well obviously you may need to get yourself a new pair of spectacles because every other woman sees me as their local hero.

Beatrice: It is nice to see that you are concerned for my health and well-being, but don’t you have fool-brained mistress to attend to for, lets the next few hours.

Benedick: No I am not that sort of man but I must be off to see Don Pedro and Leonato to organise accommodations for this evening.

Beatrice: Well then I hope you enjoy your stay then go rot in the underworld.

Benedick: Enjoy my stay I shall but rot in the underworld shall not.

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