Journal Task #6 – Broken

I can see it
Not just feel it
I can see it too
How it’s broken
Our world and everything we know


Broken like a shattered plate
A shattered plate that was once a part of a limited edition collection of fine china
from a place that was burnt down and the one object left in its remains
was this shattered plate

It was beautiful

Beautiful like the way the sun and moon rise
at the beginning and end of each day
Just missing each other
Yet everyday they keep coming back

For that one moment
When they finally meet

Our world is broken

So broken that the sun and moon aren’t longing for each other
The sun and moon no longer want each other
They want to help us

Help us fix human rights
Help us fix animal rights
World hunger
World peace!

Each and every day the sun wakes up to tell us
Everything will be okay if you make it okay
And if that wasn’t enough the moon will put us to sleep
singing a lullaby so soft and sound
about the world being so soft and so sound just like her song
promising no one would get hurt

No plates would be shattered
Nothing would be broken

Don’t tell me you don’t see it on the news
Don’t act like you don’t think politics can be irrelevant
As if the next president or prime-minister is more important than the fact that
every 10 seconds a child is dying

It’s not
I know it’s not
I see it
I don’t just feel it
I see it too

How our world is like a shattered plate
How we focus on a particular life-style
How we focus on technology and popularity

As if it’ll mean something to someone
walking the same path we did
50 years after we’ve died

I see how broken our world is
Trying to put the pieces back together I can’t

Not alone

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