Journal Task 6: I’m Sooooo Bored!

Just to let you know. All this was done in 78 minutes in second period. Why did I do it for 78 minutes you may ask, well it was either this or do more Shakespeare, and ain’t doing more Shakespeare. Now back to the story.

UHHHH. This is so boring. The last time that I was split up was probably in year 5. And was split up into one of the classes which were full of dropkicks. However it was one of the most exciting days in that year. But was also a day full of screaming and yelling and wishing that the student’s parents had let them stay home. Hell they’re 11 and think that they are the smartest people on the face of the earth. Cocky little $#!+$. But yet again, I was kind of the same at that age (but at least I knew when I crossed the grey thin line between being smart, and being a smart ass). But they were dropkicks. Possibly to this very day, they are still dropkicks. Unless they finally turned over a new leaf, but that is unlikely.

Why in the world am I writing about a day in the past? But now that I have a chance to think about, it could have been in year 4 or 6. You know what who cares let’s move on.

UHHHH. So freaking bored. I hate journal. And we every fortnight which is kind of better than what we did last year. ‘Here is a journal topic class and I will be setting another topic next week’. That didn’t happen. 1 topic every term, that’s how we are going to learn to write like a successful author. We went from a topic a week to a topic when we needed to do it because we haven’t done one since last term. And now we are doing it every fortnight. Well done high school. You have done a fantastic job in improving my writing. You deserve a medal. (But I will be honest it once a fortnight is better than once a term).

UHHHH. So bored. Then we have two tests in two periods. Thank you life. Science half yearly in period 3 and then a skills test for geography in period 4. Hooray, (if you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic). I’ve studied all week for this test half yearly. I’ve made notes on every topic we’ve done, (some background information that’s only two topics. We are so productive. Yay Science). 7 pages of non-stop info and writing that may not be in the actual test. Again, Yay Science. 5 of pages were on just one topic.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t mention anything about the geography because it is pretty easy and simple.

UHHHH. Still bored to death to death, still writing about anything that goes through my mind. And at the moment I’m now writing about nothing. Life is so exciting in Bossley Park.

You Know what. I hate being split up into another class. I bet they just pull names out of a hat to decide who goes where. Again probably the best thing to do. Imagine you had a class full of dropkicks and you split everyone up into classes with their friends. Then all the other classes would be disruptive and not productive. But you might get a good group and they make the class even better, (very Unlikely).

Still bored to death. And I’m running out of things to write about. So bored, out, of, my, god, damn, mind. Why does life do this to me?

However, what’s still going through my head is the half yearly exam that is next period. But I will be honest. I am quite stressed out. But I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it will just stress me out even more. Next topic.

Still bored out if mind. And I’m running out of thing to say and write. However, I can’t really be bored if I’m writing. And you are never really doing nothing, unless you dead. Because if you think about it, you are always doing something. Always breathing. Always looking. Always doing, something.

Okay now I am officially starting to lose it, I’m running out things to write about and therefore I am losing it. Kind of like me losing it because doing no sport for around about a term, and a bit. But this is a little different from that though because I am just writing. If you don’t understand what I am talking about. For a term and a bit, at recess and lunch, I did nothing. Just sat around, did nothing. Oh and also talk to other people. So I was going insane because I felt that I had to do something. So yeah that topic is dead.

Okay I’ve got nothing else to write about. But luckily it is about a minute to the bell, soooo. Might as well finish up.

Wish me luck for the tests.

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