Journal Entry #3 – Tell Them How You Feel

butterfly jar

Thoughts caress my mind

Lingering like souls trapped in limbo

Locked up infractions in the chambers

No guard dare venture


Words that once really mattered

But got lost on the way

Undelivered packages of psycho babble

Tossed in the incinerator

Ashes brushed away like dust under the rug


Soda bubbles and fizzes out of my mind

But deflates as it reaches the tip of my tongue

Tucking away to the back of my throat

Retreating to flutter in my stomach


What if that beautiful butterfly

Hidden away in her cocoon

Thought of genocide?

And that snake charmer

That every butterfly secretly dreams of?

A thin elastic grasping his world together

Trembling throughout its final moments

Before it snaps

And his life drifts apart

Why do we keep birds caged up?

Flying is their embrace yet

We restrain them

Cloak them from unpopular opinions


Why are we so afraid to cross the line?

Our deliberations should be expressed

No restrictions of judgement by those

Who will lend their ear

Doesn’t everybody have a little black box

Under lock and key? Containing the infidelities

We are too afraid to reveal


Venture through the twisting corridors

In every room hangs a dim light

Swinging back and forth

Once it sparks,

The room combusts with energy and ideas

Don’t close the doors again

Don’t lock them tight


Unlock the cell doors

The criminals which only committed minor offences

Let them free and don’t press charges


Tell that construction worker

To stop hammering every loose nail

Tell that daredevil

To light the fuse on the canon

Tell that kite

To soar higher in the sky

Tell them how you feel


Don’t be frightened

By the darkness or thunderstorms

Because no matter what the sun does rise

Be the butterfly that breaks out of her cocoon

Knock down the fourth wall

And don’t rebuild it

But stand on the pile of rubble

And tell them how you feel

Because the feelings never truly do diminish

Until you tell them how you feel

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