Journal 2

It was exactly a year ago to this day, she died. My best friend gone, in an instant and nobody is aware why. I write my condolences to her family and friends like I do often, but today feels surreal. I still imagine her smiling face staring back at me as though she never left. I can still smell her favorite perfume scattered across my room. But I bring myself back to reality, she’s gone and there’s nothing I can do.

The wind blows through my window, whispering something in my ear. Rain pelts down outside, soothing my very distant brain. I get up to shut my window, but it was stuck. It wouldn’t close. It was as stiff as shoes stuck in mud, it wasn’t going anywhere. BZZZZZ. My phone lit up. I leant over to read it.

“Mary Lucas- was it you that killed me?” I dropped my phone and bolted to the door. My window slammed shut and my light fused out.

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