Journal #4

The café is crowded with people crowding like a flock of sheep around trying to get there quick fix of caffeine. The world rushes around me as I sit in the middle of the café quietly drinking my tea. People coming and going, sitting and standing, waiting, rushing, yelling the noise is almost deafening and in the rush of it all I feel myself getting a little lost. But what if time froze? If all the talking stopped, what would happen? Who would I see…

A soccer mum to trying to get 5mins of peace….

An aspiring author typing away at his laptop sipping his soy latte….

A hipster stirring his soy, vegan, no fatting cappuccino acting like his too cool for anything…

A group of old ladies meeting for their weekly chat….

Everyone here is so predictable from the way they dress, to what they order and the way they act. Ding! Ding! I’m awoken by the sound of the bell above the door as it opens. I look up and am surprised with what I see. He doesn’t read like the others …his different. His walk doesn’t add up to what he dresses like and his order baffles me…I wonder I wonder about him. Maybe he’s an athlete or a mechanic, a magician or a plumber. Maybe he a shopkeeper or something exciting like a zookeeper. Maybe he doesn’t have a job he just travels the world seeks adventure goes wherever the wind takes him. He could be an astronaut or maybe he’s just an average joe who works 9-5 in an office job. He could be anything ….I wonder?

Maybe everyone’s just like him. Maybe I’m wrong and not everyone reads so easy. I mean everyone has a more complex story than meets the eye. The soccer mum for instance what were her dreams and aspirations? Where did the author came from? How did the hipster end up here today? Everyone has a story, a life, experiences and their own world. We cross paths with many but only get to know a few ‘For all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.’

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