Journal Task 9: ‘Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens’, I Think

There is not one day that is different to the other. The Sunrises. It reaches its highest point in the sky. Then it sets. That doesn’t change, no matter how much you analyse it, it will always be the same, 365 days a year for as long as the sun lasts. But there is a way where you can make a different. By just simply changing routine. Learning something new. Even by starting to walk with your right foot first and not your left.

I’ve done this. I have made my day different from the last. Not by starting walk off my left instead of my right I won’t be able to change that because of muscle memory, so body is just used to starting on my right foot. But instead I have learnt four words. (Not really learnt four new words because that would be stupid because you learn these words halfway through primary and maybe be evenly earlier. What I am trying to say is that I have learnt a new phrase with those words in a different combination to what I am used to in my everyday life. You know what I have just made something really, really simple sound like it is brain surgery so, yeah. I have learned a new phrase done signed, sealed, delivered, done).

The phrase is:

‘Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens’.

Amazing isn’t. (People are now going ‘Shut the hell up. That is just four words on a screen written by some kid who has no god damn clue what he’s talking about’.) And that is true. I have now god damn clue what I am talking about when it comes to this post, and I will probably come back in a years’ time and look at this and still won’t have a clue what I was talking about. But I understand it. I understand the quote. That’s all I need to know about it. But people just go looking for quotes to put on their Facebook status or their message that they have under their name on Instagram, and when they find one they just say ‘yeah that sounds cool’ and then copies and pastes the damn thing.

Now I don’t do that type of stuff. All I do is put my name there and go ‘Hello look at me everything is all happy in my world la di da di da di da’. I’m not wasting my time with all that nonsense. I got a life. I got things to, places to be, things to see.

Speaking of things to, places to be and things to see, I got to go. So think about that quote it helps you through life. (I honestly don’t care if you read it or think about I just had to put in there to take up space).

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