Two Heroes In One: Tony Stark & Iron Man


In the fictional world of comics there is a plethora of superheros – each and every one of them having their own unique powers and weaknesses. Although there are so many to choose from, out of all them, my favourite by far is the regular, old, billionaire playboy, Iron Man aka Tony Stark.

What’s so great about Iron Man to make me think he is superior? Well, for starters Tony earned his “super” powers. He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider, he didn’t expose himself to gamma radiation and he most certainly was not born on another planet. He is smart, he is persistent and he’s a techno wiz. At one time in his fictional life Tony was abducted by terrorists and suffered a severe chest injury which caused him to have an electro magnet, powered by arc reactor technology, to be implanted in his chest. Even with this he did not freak out but kept his cool and created the first Iron Man armour from scraps utilizing the arc reactor as a power source. How awesome is that!

Another plus for Iron Man is that before his abduction Tony Stark was all about making money from the sales of his weapons- what he didn’t think about was what his weapons were being used for, but when he was abducted he saw the true consequences of them. After this he cancelled all weapons’ production and put his money and power towards the benefit of the world, perfecting his Iron Man design and ever creating more superior suits. Not wanting to make the same mistake as he did with his weapons, he kept the suits for himself. In all of Iron Man’s suits he has repulsors which have to be my favourite weapons because 1: they blow things to bits and 2: they allow him to fly.

And that’s not all. There’s the man himself, Tony Stark, young, witty, arrogant, snobby and cocky. So cocky in fact that he revealed himself to be Iron Man to the entire world, wow, that’s one hell of an attitude. The best thing about his attitude is that even in the worst situations he still keeps this up. Even when he is completely restrained, without one of his suits, he’s still mocking the enemy.

He’s got the power, he’s got the wits, he’s got the money, he is Iron Man!

2 thoughts on “Two Heroes In One: Tony Stark & Iron Man

  1. I really enjoyed this clever post. You use sophisticated language and structures while maintaining a conversational and engaging tone. Your closing sentence and its repetition is particularly effective. Your reasons for selecting Iron Man are persuasive. In the second last paragraph, I’d suggest you use some more complex punctuation to improve the sentence: “There’s the man himself. Tony Stark: young, witty, arrogant, snobby and cocky.” (And a few of these words are synonyms, so you might want to think about other descriptors that you might use.) All up, this is excellent. Another great post. Well done.

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