Is studying Shakespeare is a complete waste of time? – journal task 6

Is studying Shakespeare a waste of time? Some people just get bored by reading the first lines. Some others are engaged with the complexity of his work. To me I wouldn’t really want to reading it, but there there are some useful information in his work. There are many reasons why a person would like to read Shakespeare, and there are also reasons why you would completely hate it.

Firstly, Learning about the past isn’t relevant anymore. In many of Shakespeare’s plays, it tells us the scene and how the world looked like. Also describes what people used to wear and acted like. Why on earth would you even need to know about this. Why not read an article or something about the world to learn about society and what is happening around you now. Another reason is that to some people, reading Shakespeare’s poems and plays is very confusing. This is because Shakespeare lived in the Elizabethan age, therefore he wrote in old english, different to the way we spoke now. They wouldn’t be able to understand therefore there would be no purpose in reading it. Also the old english language that is used in his plays are not even used anymore in modern society, we don’t say “hoist with his own petard”, what does that even mean. So why do you need to study it?

On the other hand, others might enjoy reading shakespeare’s work. Many would find it very interesting and intriguing of how good William describes humans and their society. People would also use his plays inspiration in their own writings, as they believe William Shakespeare is a very clever writer. Readers of Shakespeare love it because of how complex and confusing it is. I don’t know but people love how you have to use your brain to figure out the meaning of the script yourself. If you read Shakespeare’s plays, you would know that the characters he writes about are so engaging with their great personality and flaws. This is another reason why you would study Shakespeare as the characters in the play also end up teaches us something. Finally many would study Shakespeare because it teaches us about the past, (such as what it looked like and what people acted like) which has a large impact on the present.

In conclusion, some people would love to study Shakespeare because of all the interesting information and ideas it teaches us. Some people would hate Shakespeare because it is so confusing and useless.

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