Windy Days

With the release of the last curl in the GHD and a touch more hairspray, Casey new she was ready for the biggest party of the year.She quickly grabbed her purse and handbag and ran out the door. As soon as she stepped outside the cool breeze hit her face. Casey was enjoying this breeze for a full 2 seconds until the wind started to pick up. Casey ran to her car and rolled up all the windows. How could she possibly go to the biggest party of the year when it was being held in the windy outdoors and the worst thing of all… she was wearing lip gloss.

It was quite nerve racking to walk through the side gate with strands of hair on her lips. it was quite frustrating but she couldn’t take the strands off. It was like a stubborn child who refused to get out of bed. She greets her friends with a warm smile and a hug, but she kept her mouth closed. She didn’t want to any hair to get into her mouth. It was bad enough that hair was already stuck to her mouth. You would think that Casey could just take her lip gloss off but her lips looked horrible without it! She had to have lip gloss on!

She sneakily walks inside and sits down on the couch. There was going to be dancing inside later on but everyone would be outside for majority of the night. Casey hoped that her friends wouldn’t notice but of course that had to walk inside and see her on the couch.

“What are you doing?!” Danni asked. “I’m sitting down on the couch?” She said in a question like tone. “It’s quite comfortable, actually! Would you like to join?” Casey asked. “No! Of course not! All the fun is outside!” Tami said. Casey was thinking of all the possible negative things to happen outside. She was dreading all those annoying strands of hair sitting on her lips. ‘They are probably comfortable on my lips…’ Casey thought, ‘ I would be comfortable if I were on the couch!’

It was very awkward outside. Casey tried to have a good time but the acting just got worse and worse as more people came and more pieces of hair lay on her mouth.

As the sun sets and the music got louder, something miraculous happens. The wind dies down until there is no wind at all. Casey was finally able to take the strands of hair of her mouth. Casey could finally have one of the best nights she has ever had.

One thought on “Windy Days

  1. Interesting to see into this character’s mind. Has she ever considered a lip stain instead? Strong voice.

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