Only moments…

She sat on that three legged stool, back slouched, head down. To be honest she didn’t know what dragged her into that bar. Maybe it was her sudden impulsive thirst to drown out her troubles, or maybe it was her feet dragging her into the last place she saw him.

He took another sip. His arm strung over his mate’s shoulders. Laughing, having a great time. The bar was crowded with people of all forms. The music was intensely loud and the flashing lights nearly drove him to have a seizure. He had to get some fresh air; that’s when he saw her.

He looked into her piercing eyes and could have sworn that he had seen her before. Nobody could forget those eyes. A chestnut iris flecked with little pieces of jade. He gaped into those eyes and felt it immediately. The stang was sharp like a knife, cutting him inside. It gnawed at his knees until they caved in, his mind yielding to the captive hold those eyes had.

He wanted to help her, but he knew he was only the extra in one of her scenes. Merely useless, only used to fill a void in the background. But he wanted to be more than that. He wanted to be a supporting actor in this scene, to help pick her up so she could make it to the closing curtains.

She didn’t know anything about him. He had a vivid life that she wasn’t apart of. She was just the sorry girl he saw once at the bar. Nothing more than a glance because she didn’t matter. He had his own ambitions and own goals that she would never know anything about. She wanted to know about them though. She craved for 2am chats that would lead to them sleeping on the phone because they didn’t want to hang up.  She wanted to hear about his career, his past lovers, his disappointments. And he craved that too.

They stared at each other a little longer, none of them brave enough to initiate anything. He stared into those lucid eyes until one of his friends swooped him away and the moment was gone, those lucid eyes were gone. That moment shared was just an insignificant part in an entire story. They wouldn’t see each other ever again; their gazes took nothing more than 2 minutes of their lives. And that’s how the world works. We are all part of its machine, focusing on our story so much that we don’t get to appreciate the little extras that are the focus of their own story.

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