Her hair was red , that when the sun came through the window it looked like fire .

But nothing else about her was fire , it was the complete opposite , it was water . Her body’s position was peaceful , looking out the window probably what I’m doing now . Thinking . Studying .

Her almond eyes were the storm . Grey . Sadness filled them . What’s happened to make her so sad . So grey . So dull .

Her mouth was hanging low , like the clouds before it rains . Her skin was washed out , like she hasn’t seen the sun months  .

What’s made her this way ?? Why is she so grey ??

Her body is peaceful yet it wasn’t . A storm was raging within . I need , I had to know why she’s like this .

I look away before I hear the clang of a chair and the opening of the door .

Cold air rushes in making me look up . The girl was the red hair is gone .

Outside where I will never see the storm , the water and fire ever again .

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