The Never Ending Curse

Jones was dying. He felt his soul turning cold. The silent tapping of branches knocking at his half shut window. It was late. No one cared, no one noticed. Jones was fully aware he would never actually die, but sometimes, like tonight, it felt like his impossible end was near. Having lived through all the wonderful and gruesome times of this world, Jones new about almost everything. He always found it funny how people could easily change a whole nations perspective just by saying some miserly lies. Of course Jones never believed them, nor came close to hearing the full tale. Many people wished to be Jones, he never grew old, he never grew up but he was definitely never happy. Years upon years pass, as he watches the ones he loved and cared for fade away. He knew he would never meet them again, wherever they are.

Jones has been through many identities, many families, many friends. Having changed identities so many times it was hard for him to keep count of how many families he ran away from to hide his never changing face. Jones didn’t want to live forever, he didn’t like having to hide away. All Jones wanted was to die. To restart. To be normal. He wanted to grow up, grow old and eventually die after fulfilling his dreams, just like how the world around him worked. However unlike the world around him he wasn’t afraid. Instead he found the ordinary very, very lucky. Jones wanted change, he wanted to forget his past and move along to his possibly brighter future.

No matter how hard he tried to restart it just wouldn’t work. Jones has tried many ways to leave his horrid reality, but every time he was a step closer to what he wanted. He would find himself back to where he started. Back to the grey crumpled walls of his once prized room. Back to his miserable self. Back to the one thing he hated most. Himself. His only form of escape, the only thing keeping him sane, are his dreams. Through them Jones remembers every little detail of his life. He sees every one who has left him, he gets to feel loved once again. Jones knew why he is cursed, he had attempted to cast a spell on his friend, but instead he had cursed himself. He had no one to blame, he knew it was his fault. He was a failure.

Jones was certain his life will never change, until one day he meet a girl.

One sentence changed his life.

One lie freed his soul.

One girl took it all.


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