Swimmers urged to stay out of Honolulu harbour after molasses spill

A lot of areas have been hit with water pollution, and one of these targets was Honolulu harbour in America.

A lot of animals have died and ended up at the bottom when it came polluted. Some of these animals are fish, crabs, lobsters, worms, sea fans and anything that was down there was dead. This can also lead to an increase in predator species such as sharks, eels, and barracuda.

If we don’t do something about these spills, a lot of ocean life will be destroyed, such as the animals and their habitats. Not enough people are doing something about it, and if we don’t, there will highly won’t be a future for humans. If an animal such as fish, became extinct, the whole food chain will break down. so if we don’t at least reduce water pollution, we will all suffer.

This topic doesn’t only effect animals, but humans as well. Those less fortunate people, can’t get fresh water like we can, so they get it from contaminated rivers and lakes. These people keep consuming this water that contains sewage, keep getting sick every day, and it’s also our fault for not doing anything about it.

So please make a change for not only us, but also for others who are suffering out there.


2 thoughts on “Swimmers urged to stay out of Honolulu harbour after molasses spill

  1. A thoughtful post recognising the impact that pollution has on ecosystems – detrimental to some species, while often allowing others to prosper. I’d like you to have a close proofread of this, and do some editing. Check for punctuation and consistency of tense, particularly. Also note the difference between affect (verb – pollution affects marine species) and effect (noun – the effect of pollution is an increase in marine deaths), and fix this. What changes can we make? I would like to know more about how you think we can make a difference.

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