Journal Task #8: Shakes Park High School

Much Ado About Nothing


  • Beatrice: Barbara – cousins with Heather ( is Lorenzo’s niece), quite ‘to herself’, acts like Barry is her greatest enemy, used to be in love with him but everyone secretly knows that there’s still a hint or spark of love she has for him, strict, always holds a grudge on people, works in the Office at Shakes Park High School
  • Benedick: Barry – has a personality clash with Barbara, has love history with her, definitely always tries to win her heart back but always fails, funny librarian at Shakes Park High School
  • Hero: Heather – daughter of Lorenzo, clever and jaw-dropping gorgeous, is nearly every students hands down favourite teacher, gets along with everyone, Art teacher at Shakes Park High School
  • Claudio: Cooper – close friends with Heather, has a huge crush on her, shy, intelligent Maths teacher at Shakes Park High School
  • Don John: Jacob – brother of Patrick, secretly is in love with Heather, quite introverted, always intents to cause trouble, cleaner at Shakes Park High School
  • Don Pedro: Patrick – brother of Jacob, deputy principle of Shakes Park High School, good friends with Lorenzo
  • Leonato: Lorenzo – father of Heather, principle of Shakes Park High School


After reading the play by Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, we were given an interesting journal task. We had to alter/transform the play and creatively place it in a modern situation. I decided to modify the play by choosing it to be set out in a school, where the characters each have a job at Shakes Park High School. Here’s how the first scene would start off:

Brrrriiiinng! The day has started at Shakes Park High School. Unlike other boring and repetitive schools, Shakes Park High School always has something going on in the day. Whether it’s drama and feud going on between the teachers, or the book shelf has fallen onto Barry again, or whether Jacob has caused trouble as usual, or it might be that the students are fighting over whose the favourite of Heather, although maybe something different will occur today. Everyone walks through the rusty and old brown gates hopeful that today is not going to have another dramatic situation. Although this is quite unlikely so they better not get their hopes up, as Jacob always has an evil plan up his sleeve. The funny thing about this though, is that it’s never the kids who are bad and naughty. It always seems to be something going on between the teachers.

The day seems to be going quite well…… until Barbara who’s working in the office tries photocopying sheets for Cooper, but the printer doesn’t seem to be cooperating with her. So she gets so impatient and decides to start hitting the printer as it will apparently start working. Instead she smashes it and breaks the expensive printer. Lorenzo was extremely mad at her as now he has another problem to add on his chaotic ‘to do list’. Of course, there’s Barry standing in the corner instantly laughing his head off while Barbara’s face becomes as redder then a tomato of embarrassment.

The next day everyone knew that there was a plan floating around in Barbara’s brain ready to erupt and explode in Barry’s face. Barry has only come back new to the school, after being fired by Lorenzo. Except, Lorenzo couldn’t resist letting him back in the school. This mad Barbara extremely furious, and since then Barry and her have been throwing pranks back and forth to each other like the Newtons Cradle. With Barbara always interrogating him on why he is so immature.


Lorenzo has been organising a party/reunion for all the staff working at Shakes Park High School. It’s more of a party in celebrating a great year together with all their achievements (forgetting all the repetitive drama that went on), as the 4 term year was coming to an end. Heather helped organising it and requested that it would be a good idea to have a dress theme and to be creative (as she is an art teacher). They gathered all their thoughts together and decided that it should be a masquerade party.

The night was going extremely well with surprisingly everyone getting along. Heather and Cooper were glued together the whole night flirting over each other and continuously complimenting each other on how beautiful they each looked. Jacob fuming with jealousy attempts multiple times in breaking their malleable love for each other, but fails every time. Heather and Cooper just ignore it and brush it off.

Patrick planned that tonight will be the night on revealing his hint of love to Barbara, but he is kindly rejected by her. Although, he reassures her that he will always be there for her no matter what, and he will also be waiting patiently for her if she’s ever keen or if she ever changes her mind on his out of this world thought. Barry eavesdropping behind them is in dismay and is fearful that Barbara may actually fall for his words. Instead for the rest of the night, Barry keeps to himself in utter appal and lonely sits in the corner messily munching on the buffet food, to comfort himself from what he is seeing in front of his eyes.


Today’s the day that everyone has been eagerly waiting for and knew was going to happen. Today Cooper and Heather are getting married. Jacob has been dreading this day and has tried all his evil plans in turning this wedding upside down, so that in the end Cooper will neglect Heather and not marry her. This for Jacob is a dream come true. He is keen that maybe Heather will see the true colours  in himself, and maybe he might be the missing groom to bride, the missing finger to the ring, the missing lips to the romantic kiss and the missing ‘I do’.

Of course, because of his envious personality, he can’t resist but he just always has to add salt to the wound and turn a happy ending to unfortunately a terrible ending by making the situation worse. This time the complication that he is going to initiate is to ruin the happiness of Hero and Claudio. So to complete his goal he does this:

Cooper being the groom was in charge of organising to food for the buffet at the reception. Once it was all set up and prepared Cooper instantly left to prepare himself for the wedding. While everyone was already on their way to the ceremony, Jacob headed straight to the reception in preparation to his evil plan in destroying Heather and Cooper’s love for each other and to turn their wedding upside down. Jacob quickly poisoned all the buffet food so that all the guests and even the bride and groom would get poisoned. Some will be unconscious and some will be continuously vomiting. He placed the bottle of toxic poison in Cooper’s pocket of his jumper, so that everyone will believe that Cooper is guilty as there is evidence.

Jacob ended up being extremely late to the ceremony and of course he has interrupted the bride and groom romantically saying their ‘I do’ to each other. His predictable excuse to the grumpy Barbara (who was Maid of Honour) was that he was having trouble wrapping up Cooper and Heather’s present; him muttering on useless words lead to Barbara rolling her eyes in distress.


Everyone has finally arrived at the reception. Everyone is seated at their allocated seating, impatiently waiting for their call to eat at the buffet food. Barry’s eyes are literally glued to the fine dining. After all the lengthy speeches, it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. The guests barely can’t wait any long with the fresh aroma travelling up their nostrils.

One complaint after the other from all the guests that their stomachs are in agony, meanwhile others have just dropped unconscious. Heather the unlucky bride, shaking and turning whiter than a pale cloud is tremendously ill, whereas Cooper isn’t as bad. Meanwhile Barry is happily shoving the food down his throat like there’s no tomorrow, with his hands and no cutlery (where are your manners!). While Lorenzo struggles in dialling triple zero, Heather reaches out for Cooper’s jumper that’s hanging over the back rest of his neatly decorated chair. Warming herself up, she unexpectedly finds a bottle full of toxic poison in his pocket. Raging in anger she attempts to confront Cooper about what her eyes are seeing, until she falls unconscious.

Where has Jacob wondered off to?

What started off in being a happy and romantic wedding, has now turned into a dramatic and disastrous wedding.


Cooper, Barbara and Lorenzo sit beside Heather’s hospital bed. Heather’s technique of giving Cooper the silent treatment didn’t quite work out, it lead to her yelling at him with fury instead. Heather seems to believe that it was Cooper who started all of this. She thinks that he just wanted to cause this unhappy ending as he was jealous of Jacob and thinks that she has feelings for him.

Cooper in such disbelief is overwhelmed by this whole situation and spends time away from Heather. Barbara and Barry seem to be the messengers of Cooper and Heather as they talk to each other with anger through the messengers. With Barbara and Barry seeing each other so often, they start becoming closer, and closer.


The whole ignoring each other thing continues. Now, Barbara and Barry is secretly a couple. Barbara warns Barry that she will stop seeing him unless he seeks for revenge to Cooper for all the embarrassment and distress he has caused for everyone, especially Heather. Barry denies. He and Barbara were made for each other, so they couldn’t keep themselves apart from each other.

Everyone is now back to their usual lifestyle of Shakes Park High School then home and Shakes Park High School then home.


Meanwhile Heather has a free period and is sitting in the Visual Arts staff room, she over hears typical Jacob talking to himself while empting the rubbish bins outside.

“Well aren’t I just a genius! My plan worked out just as I expected. HA! Their relationship didn’t quite end happily. Now she’s angry at Cooper because she fell for my intelligent plan and she obviously wouldn’t want to get back with him after all. Instead she’ll hopefully see love in me.” Happily says Jacob.

Heather is totally sympathetic towards Cooper and so she immediately seeks for him to explain. He understandably realises the truth and is overwhelmed by what Jacob did to stab them in the back.


Planning a duo wedding isn’t as easy as you would think! Barry and Barbara are getting married on the same day with Cooper and Heather. Everyone in chaotic moods doesn’t help in organising the big day. Everyone hops in to help, so that they all make sure that the day goes well and perfect as it should be. This time, Jacob is definitely NOT invited to their wedding. Double wedding means double the trouble that is, with Jacob being there. Everyone agreed and easily voted that Jacob will be the one cleaning up after everyone at the end of the reception, well he is a professional at that. Everyone took into consideration that they would intentionally make a huge mess, and maybe a food fight!

That was Jacob’s consequence for what he caused, but there will probably be more after that!

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