“I love the Name of Honour more than I fear death”

In the play Julius Caesar there is a wide variety of characters, every single one with different personalities and beliefs. But who is the most honourable of them all?

To me it would have to Brutus, the conspirator. You may be asking why Brutus is more honourable than Cassius, Casca, Decius, or any of the other conspirators, because they all did the same thing, which was stabbing Ceaser. Everything in life is not just about what you do but also why you do it. Brutus did not stab Julius Caesar for the same reasons as the other conspirators, but for a completely different reason.

When the idea of a conspiracy against Caesar is raised the other conspirators are immediately with the idea, whereas Brutus is not. Cassius and the conspirators are thinking more towards the level of power they would gain if they were to kill Caesar and not of the effect it would have on Rome. But Brutus, an honourable man, would never join the conspiracy for such a cause, especially when the ‘enemy’ is one of his dear friends. However the conspirators needed Brutus to fight for their cause because of his positon of power and the level of influence he has on Rome. So the conspirators do many devious things too make Brutus believe that he will be fighting for a good cause, the conspirators create the illusion that Caesar has too much power and that Rome would be better off without Caesar.

On the Ides of March, the day where Julius falls, all of the other conspirators rush forward to stab Ceaser in an ambition for power (which is ironic as they had made Brutus believe that Ceaser was too ambitious) but Brutus holds back and then finally when he does stab Ceaser he believes it is for the good of Rome.

Now that I have shown you why Brutus is more honourable than the other conspirators, you are probably wondering how he is more honourable than the other characters, such as mark Antony. After all he did stab the leader of Rome in the back.

So, how can back stabbing have any honour to it? As I said before everything is not just about what you do but also why you do it. When we compare Brutus’s and Antony’s motives they both believe what they are doing is for the good of Rome. Antony is protecting his friend, trying to prevent his death so that he may lead Rome, whilst Brutus stabs his blade into Caesar, a dear friend, to end his ‘ambitious’ rule. Antony’s ‘job’ is much easier; it does not require very much dedication to your cause in order to defend a friend it is merely a natural instinct. Whereas Brutus’s actions show more dedication to his cause then his own life, for one to step forward and stab his friend even though he does not wish to, that is true honour.

As Brutus says “it is not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”

2 thoughts on ““I love the Name of Honour more than I fear death”

  1. Very good post! you have very good ideas on why Brutus was the most honorable, even when there were other obvious reasons why another person could have been more honorable, you showed how Brutus was the best answer.

  2. This was a very interesting post! You explore valid reasons which you could’ve backed up with quotes from the play. There are a few grammar and spelling issues, where you spelt ‘Caesar’ as ‘Ceasar’ in the 2nd paragraph and your post is structured clearly and well. Otherwise, this was a very interesting post!

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