The Unknown

The unknown is not something to fear, but to explore. We fear the unknown because we don’t understand. We don’t understand and therefore we are afraid. Afraid to unlock the inner mysteries and questions we want answers to. So the unknown just sits there; like a box, longing to be opened and it’s contents explored. But why. Why should it just sit there when we could open it and have a wealth of information flow into our minds like a river. We will never know the unknown until we explore it. We will never know until we learn to stop running away from it and just accept what it is. The monster, the alien; all these unknown things need to be explored and when we know; there will be nothing to fear. We will accept what we didn’t understand. We will accept the unknown.

From the beginning of time, we have feared what we didn’t understand and when we didn’t understand, we sought a way to find out and when we did; we didn’t fear it anymore. Even now, we are constantly looking for answers to the questions of the unknown. In the deepest pits of the ocean, the surface of he moon and the caves inside the Earth. Everyday, things we didn’t understand become known to us and when we can explain it, we are satisfied. Satisfied because what was unknown is now understood.

Perhaps; there is that one person that you have been wanting to meet. Something clouds your judgement. Something in the back of your mind stirs and you become afraid. Afraid of what the person might be like or how they might act. We build up a brick wall around ourselves and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. And why? It is because we fear the unknown.We fear what we don’t know even with something as simple as getting to know a person. But what if we took some time to put aside the doubt and fear and just push through? Eventually, we will not be afraid.

Perhaps one day, we may even meet some of the things that we don’t understand; aliens, the creature and people of myth and fantasy. Will we then venture to explore them or will we cower in fear. The unknown is not something to fear but to explore.

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