Journal Task 2 – Insanity Avenue

dirt roadA cool, midsummer’s breeze is just the thing to cool you down in this searing heat. It’s not so good when nothing is moving outside, there are no windows or doors open, and no fans on.

My parents are out of town for the weekend. Only me. Not even my pet dog (of course they don’t trust me so they put him in a kennel). And of course living out in the country, no cell service, and no Internet (you know it is actually pretty stupid because, like all parents, they say have no one over while we are gone. But how am I supposed to get in touch with them when there is no god damn internet or cell service). I am all alone. Or so thought.

I feel the breeze again. I don’t know what could be going on. Nothing is possibly causing it. I started to walk around to see if it would follow. And it did. Every step that was taken the breezing colder and colder. But soon there something else that was a bit more worrying than the continuous blizzard that lingered around me.

My car was gone. My precious run down 57’ Bel Air that I was restoring to its former beauty. That one thing that was closest to my heart was that car. And it had vanished. There were no tyre tracks left behind. Not even the engine that I took out could be seen everything was gone.

What was going on?

The only thing that could possibly be the cause of these strange occurrences would be ghosts. But I would not sink to the level of believing in ghosts. They are creatures made up to be told around the camp fire at school camp so you can scare the **** out of your friends. But I could be made to eat those words very soon.

I looked around in every crack and crevasse in this house and there was nothing anywhere that could lead to the conclusion of ghosts. There was nothing.

I walked back to the bedroom to only find out that the door was bolted down and that the handle was gone. In the space of 5 minutes my house has turned from a little bit freaky to Rocky’s House of Horror. I try to break the door with my shoulder but it is useless, it won’t budge.

I can’t take it anymore whatever is doing this to me has won.

I sit down in front of the door with my head in my hands, pleading for it to stop. But out of nowhere I hear a voice in my ear.

“What’s the matter little boy. Can’t get in to your room to save your family.”

I try to scream for help, but not a word comes out.

“It’s a shame you know. They were just innocent people. They had hopes and dreams. But mow they been ripped away from them just like the way you ripped out the heart of a little girl.”

The screams of my loved ones surround me, ready swallow me whole. Getting louder with every thump of the beating heart.

“You can’t escape from it kid. You are only getting what you deserve”

“Leave me the **** alone”

“Why we are just getting started kiddo. THE FUN IS STILL TO COME!”

The voices are getting louder. The screams of the ones I love become deafening.

I try to escape from the madness but it just gets worse and worse. Now I am on the middle of the of the dusty country road. Getting driven to the point of insanity by the deafening screams and insane laughing of this murderous voice.


“Well then, this was fun wasn’t it kiddo. It is such a ‘shame’ see you leave us like this. Well. It looks like I will have to find a new playmate. HAHAHAHAHA!”

One thought on “Journal Task 2 – Insanity Avenue

  1. Really interesting story. You seem to be good at twists involving saving family members! Keep developing your style.

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