Journal 1

I felt my body hault forward as we plunged down below. My view became a daze and everything was blurry. I felt water consume my entire body, suffocating my every breath. I could feel saltwater thick on my tongue. And that’s when I realized what had occurred.

I leaned forward to check if my brother was awake, I shook him with all my energy, but nothing happened.I reached to touch my father, but a shiver ran down my spine, as cold as Antarctica. My mum though, lay awake, motionless, floating through the water.

I slammed my foot through the door trying to barge it open, but nothing happened. I just laid there unable to do anything, feeling as helpless as a bird being attacked by a 6m Great White Shark.

I was gone.

It was the night before school went back and I was at my annual back to school bash. All my friends were there partying, drinking, like a normal party. But I seem distant, like an old memory, seeing it back through my conscious. I still smell the fire sizzling on my nostrils. I still hear the music blarring through my ears. But its different, fainter.

I’m flying through the air like a bird. The wind whipping across my face as I float down. I hear the wind rustle in my ears and feel the fresh air slice by my fingertips. I can see long stretches of green below, as the distance between me and the ground narrows.

I can smell the sizzling of the barbeque rich beneath my nose. I witness my family gather around the table, rich in conversation. Everyone’s here even my extended family. My world is complete, just watching them all.

But the memory fades, and I awake to the noise of machines beeping.

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