[Journal Task #2] Shattered Sky


You looked up at the clear, blue sky, which in moments began to crack like a fallen wine glass. It was excruciatingly loud, so loud that it could pierce the crisp air like a sharp knife, and then a broken blue shard began to plummet towards the earth, giving you a split-second glimpse of a swirling red and black abyss before an unpredictable chaos descended.

July 7, x777, exactly 12:34 and 28 seconds in the afternoon. You lay lazily on the top of your car, staring up into the sky, your eyes reflecting the pristine cobalt blue. The other universe above always managed to fascinate you. In one hour, it could be a brilliant gold that casts warm glows on the faces of early worms, and in just twelve hours or so, it could fade into a malicious black, dimly lit by the busy urban life below. Every day, you always took the time to watch the sky. You observed the cotton-like clouds slowly roll past, with the occasional bird or plane. Today was no different, except for one teeny tiny detail.

A miniscule of a crack subtly graffitied the cobalt, glowing an eerie crimson. Startled, you began to sit up, your eyes not once averting from the suspicious thing. You squinted, trying to make out what it is, but seconds later, the crack began to stretch. It zigzagged across the atmosphere, the noise louder than a thousand firecrackers on Chinese New Year. Your heart suddenly began to race in a way that you’ve never felt before; fear, with a little bit of excitement. What exactly was going on?

Your neighbours, one by one, started to exit their homes as the noise gradually got louder. They stared up, and in an instant, all their faces were twisted with fear, terror and curiosity. You were as clueless as everybody else. Everyone knew that they should hide, but no one did. Instead, their eyes remained glued to the strange happening, ignoring the fact that they could be facing danger at any second.

It was exactly 12:36 and 41 seconds in the afternoon. You watched as the long crack diverged and streaked across the sky in all directions, intersecting one another. It all moved so quickly that your eyes couldn’t keep up, and your vision blurred. You turned away and blinked, to regain your momentary loss of eyesight.

You shouldn’t have done that.

When you looked back, everything seemed to have just crumbled. Everyone started to panic and cry, not sure where to run and hide. But, unlike the others, you remained stationary, now unblinking. You promised yourself not to look away any further, not to run, even though your racing heart urged you to disappear like everybody else.

Then, it happened. A piece of the blue sky started to break off from everything else, then it hurtled towards the earth, forced down by gravity. The air around you was surrounded by ear-piercing screams and everyone dashed wherever, lost and afraid, not knowing what to do. You kept your eyes on the falling fractal, watching it as it landed a few hundred kilometres away, crashing and most likely killing innocent souls. People who were witnessing the plummeting shard gasped in horror, then sudden realization hit them. They could be next.

You looked back at where the shard was now missing from the sky, and your racing heart skipped a beat. Your stomach lurched as you saw what rested behind the blue illusion. The sky wasn’t blue, but in fact, an angry red that resembled the colour of fresh crimson roses that were bathed in blood, and a black that was even darker than the night. Both colours swirled together like violent, crashing waves, ready to drown anything and anyone. It looked fearsome, to the point where it was, you thought, more beautiful than the sapphire mask it wore this whole time.

Piece by piece, the blue revealed the red and black, each ‘glass’ shard falling around you, yet missing you completely. You felt like you were protected by some kind of veil, but you knew that was just crazy. Any minute now, and you could be crushed underneath a heavy piece of the ‘sky’. You observed the world deteriorate and the red sky begin to unleash its glory, glowing eerily and brilliantly. The sun was still its usual gold, but more… fiery. You could also spot the moon, now a grayish-white with a silver luster.

“Run!” someone screeched.

“Where is there to run?!” another yelled in a panicked tone, in reply to the first voice.

On the ground where you stood, the whole world was plunged in chaos. People were trapped underneath giant parts of the fake sky, and others were crying, not knowing what to do with their lives anymore. No one paid any attention to you, who calmly stood out against the panicked crowd. Everything was catastrophic, but there you were, seemingly unaffected while everything went completely wrong.

It was July 7, x777, exactly 12:41 and 3 seconds in the afternoon. The sky was revealing its true face. It was the beginning of the end, and the end marked a new beginning. While everyone cried, you smiled and watched it all happen.

One thought on “[Journal Task #2] Shattered Sky

  1. Brilliant imagery and excellent descriptive language. Great use of second person narration, too. A beautiful piece.

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