It’s the Train of Life: Snowpiercer



Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon-ho, is a thriller and adventurous film which takes place in the end result of a global-warming experiment gone wrong, ending in the entire population to live inside a forever travelling train, protecting them from the never-ending winter that has taken their world.

Watching this movie has made me think of the director portraying a dystopian society. When the movie starts you see the “last carriage” which holds the poorest people, and it’s definitely not where someone would like to live. As you move along to the front of the train you notice the differences that separate the wealthy from the poor, and to think that people are living under these horrible conditions compared to the rest of the train is really sad to watch.

As the movie goes on, the poor people go on a journey to demand for better living conditions and come across many problems along the way that lead to some extremely gruesome yet entertaining scenes. To make these parts even more interesting the director uses very low lighting and extremely realistic sound effects that make you feel as though your in the movie. I liked how this part was played out because it shows what you would have to go through to get to what you aim to achieve but on a much larger scale, so you really get into the movie and what it’s all about.

After going through so much there are two poor people left. They start their case on why they deserve better living conditions to the creator of the train but then what gets everyone so confused is that the creator asks them if they would like to take over entirely! I would imagine the poor people just thinking to themselves ‘so we fought god knows what to get here when he could have just come to us and asked if we could live in comfort?!’ After much confusion and tension amongst the passengers, the final two left standing embark on a journey outside of the train, ready to explore the world that was once theirs.

After watching this movie, I would definitely recommend it for anyone over the age of 13, some of the content in this movie is a bit too gruesome for a young mind. It wasn’t too hard to understand but not too easy either which kept the movie interesting and at the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next. I enjoyed it very much and I’m sure everyone else who watches it will agree.

2 thoughts on “It’s the Train of Life: Snowpiercer

  1. An effective, succinct review with a clear personal voice. I still need you to work on proofreading for grammar and expression. Try reading your work out loud. Are the pauses where you need commas? Full stops? Are there words missing? Incorrect words? Some parts lacked the confident, persuasive voice that a review should have. In paragraph two, for example, rather than “the director made me think of a dystopian society”, have confidence in your ideas: “the director creates a chilling dystopian society”. That said, you have me interested. I have heard this is a strange, but impressive film. I might just have to give it a watch!

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