The Drones are Helping our Elephants

It is disgraceful that people are killing a beautiful creature that hasn’t harmed anyone, just so that people can make a profit on it’s ivory. But finally someone has done something about it. They are using 2 foot-long drones from the army that act as security for the elephants.

The ivory that is collected from the elephants is sold for up to $US8000 in Asia, and that disgusts me. The Mara Elephant Project are trying to protect the the elephants all over Africa.

These people who go killing harmless creatures to make a profit are to lazy to actually do a proper job and are too gutless to admit it.

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One thought on “The Drones are Helping our Elephants

  1. A powerful, passionate, and concise post that represents your strong views about the ivory trade. I read this and thought that this reads really well like a letter to the editor. Short, punchy and angry. Words like “disgraceful”, “disgusts”, “gutless” and “lazy” convey your strong opinion. It’s well-written, although I would have liked to see a little more detail outlining the original article, and a little more exploration of the issue. I would have liked some more information about the Mara Project – and maybe a link to the website. Finally, remember it’s = it is, and its = possessive – you have used the wrong one here. A solid first post.

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